MS TEAMS - students are unable to see assignment tab

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Hi. I am A-level computer Science teacher at my school with Engineering degree and software development experience. 

Recently our IT administrator changed permission settings ( picture attached below) , due to it some of our students were not able to see assignment tab anymore. 

Students experienced it on different days after permission change , as if it had to do with their MS teams app sync.


Later IT administrator reverted back the permission change but still students are unable to see assignment tab although its been 4 days 


can you please guide what's causing this problem? 

Thank you 




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A couple of things could be causing the problem!


1) Any Admin changes can take 24hours to be applied

2) Are the members using School email addresses, and or Personal email addresses?  

School email addresses may be full Member permissions, and Personal email addresses may mean that those attendees are Guests with limited permissions set in respect of accessing files or applications ect?

Settings and permissions can be a mixture of Admin settings, and Team Owners authorising Member and Guest permissions when creating the Team/Channels!


Hope this helps finding a solutions. 

You can also try signing out of Teams and then signing in again or completely exiting out of Teams. This you do by clicking on the Teams icon in the system tray. Alternatively try using the browser app instead of the desktop app or visa versa.