MS Teams Screen Freezes when Screenshare

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I am a student and recently got a new laptop with Window's 11. My School uses MS Teams for our online lectures. I have no issues accessing logging on to the meeting, however when anyone presents their screen, the screen on my end freezes. No other students in the meeting have this issue, and audio is still live. Team's itself is still running (its doesn't crash, I can still see the comments, etc.), just the screen where my professor is presenting content is completely frozen. 

I've restarted and ended the program on task manager and no luck. Are there any current work arounds? I have seen some similar issues on forums. 

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I too have this problem ALL the time when connecting to external screen shares.
Microsoft Teams Version
Mac OS Monterey 12.6.8


It does NOT happen to others if I share my screen, only when external user shares.

Work around was to join the meeting via a browser