MS Teams for Business - Design Educational environment + assignments

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Dear all, 

Within our organisation's MS Teams environment (for Business) we would like to provide a space for the facilitation of interactive courses for our employees. 

One requirement to facilitate this, is to provide an easy space for self-assessments and evaluations. 

We are aware that within the MS Teams for Education, the "Class Team" environment allows to facilitate an easy way to doing so, with the Assignments plugin, through which quizzes/assessments can be facilitated. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to trace back this functionality within MS Teams for Business

I'm therefore wondering, if anyone has any suggestions on substitutional methodologies, to provide easy integrated assessment methods within the MS Teams environment. 

*I added a mockup of what we aim to bring into place. A "lecture room" in which it would be possible to read the lecture materials in the "Files" section, and conduct the self assessment in the "Assignments" section. 

Many thanks for your suggestions! 


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This is an old post but let me pitch in, in case someone else has a similar question. Assignments is an integration which gives teachers a streamlined way to assess students performance and provide feedback. The assignments can be in a format of instructions with the students' submission in various file formats. Furthermore you can set deadlines etc. In your case, you want to provide self-assessments and evaluations. You could probably do this without using the Assignments integration - which is only available on Education tenants, as far as I know. Microsoft Forms + Quizzes is available for all tenants. You could create self-marking quizzes (as per your example) and embed those in a SharePoint page. I would also create different channels for various topics or weeks in the course and create a SharePoint page for each topic/week and then embed the relevant quizzes and/or surveys on those pages.

@Marius Pretorius that is exactly what we want to be able to have in Teams for Business! I have a music lessons & learning studio, and it is greatly needed!