Migrating from PC to Chromebook

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Hello all,


My daughter's online school uses teams and we have recently switched her over to a chromebook.  Microsoft Team is quite different in layout.  We don't seem to have access to the classroom chat while in a meeting.  The teacher uses the chat during her lessons.  I've looked through the settings and cannot seem to find a simple way to access this chat.  Further, in order to raise your hand, you now have to click on the (...).  The MS teams app from our old PC was so much simpler, all of the main items were simply there front and center.  Is there any way to get this version on this chromebook?

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Hi @umanani 


On Windows and mac the 'new meeting experience' provided those pop-out meetings, and the more convenient location for buttons. That's not available in the web client at the moment, and a chrome book will only run web clients.


I do to see some of these things change in the web client eventually, but nothing has been announced yet so it's not likely in the next couple of months.

Thank you @Steven Collier.  With this in mind, have they also excluded the in-meeting chat?  Getting a chromebook is starting to look like a terrible idea.



No, meeting chat should be available in the browser, appears on the bar of buttons that appears when you move a mouse.