Microsoft Teams - document order in Files

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In Microsoft Teams, is there an option to either pin a document to the top within the folder structure in Files or change the default view from last Modified to something else? If so how do we change the default view or pin a file?

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You can sort on type, name or last modified. I see shools in our environment that name folders with 01, 02 etc., in order to arrange them the way they prefer.

The users do not like that they have to filter on those opptions every time they go into the files area in a team. It should be a view setting so the owner can change how the view will be. Not only have the deafult option 'Last modified'

@Jacqueline Palm I agree Jaqueline. It would be better if we could order the files by name by default.

@AMS-DavidJParkes The same problem over here. We also would like it as a setting, so the owner could adjust de default order to name a-z.