Microsoft Teams Android App Video Sharing Not Working

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Im a Lecturer at a School who uses my Samsung Tablet for my Lectures Because or Covid19 prevention i.e wfh. Unfortunately we are required to use MS Teams only for said Lectures. To my utter surprise, having a lot of expectations for "Logical" computer company like microsoft, the Video Share option for MS Teams App on my Samsung is not working. I have a video saved on my one drive and I also uploaded a video on the MS Teams Team Files and Channel. After joining/starting the meeting, I immediately clicked on the Share Icon(Box with Arrow Up) and then clicked on Share Video option. It would then take me to window with 3 options on the bottom of the window namely: Files, Photo, Video. The Video Option is actually Sharing your video through your phone or Tablet Camera. Obviously theres no use for that in my lecture. Which leaves us with the File option, of course expecting that we can access our local android files or One Drive files. I click on the files option then it only gave me with 2 folder options. These are Onedrive and Teams and Channels. When I went into those folders, i cannot access any videos at all. Microsoft What the hell? Really?

So I tried to find an alternative. I figured maybe I can use Share screen and play the video from my Tablet instead. I wasnt able to do it from my gallery, I have to use VLC. The video played but with no Audio. I mean again Microsoft what the hell? Really?

For a company that creates computer, which you would expect to be logical, this is very disappointing. Why the hell can we not just play a freakien video when you created that freaken option? Why? Why? Why?

Does anyone here know any work around this?
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Hello @Bossxmac   I've pass this URL to our features team for further comment; if/when I get a response I'll note it here.


In the meantime,  I recommend that you open a ticket at Microsoft Support or, where agents are available to troubleshoot issues until a resolution is found.