List view of assignments across classes

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  1. As a student I want to:
    1. see a list or all my assignments across all my classes
    2. filter this list view by assignment status
    3. order the list view by due date
  2. As a guidance/pastoral teacher I want to be able to:
    1. provide the name of a student
    2. see the filterable list view as for the student in 1.1. above

I am aware of: 

List view in-class student
List view in-class teacher

List view all-up teacher
List view all-up student

However, the work around of 


>  View assignments across classes

> To view assignments across all your classes, select Assignments from your app bar.

> Then, choose a class and select Next.

> To open an assignment, select it.

>To return to the list of your classes, select the title of your class again and choose another.

Is not usable with any real world number of classes. Students are typically in 10-15 classes at one time in my country's schools.

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@gw12tinglesusannah This used to be a thing back in the early days of Edu Teams, however got removed for some reason.

I have a user voice entry open currently for the return of this feature: