iPad TEAMS Assignment - PDF issue

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AS of today, when my teachers have students open the TEAMS app on their iPad and open an assignment that holds a PDF, it will not allow the student to download or save the PDF at all within the app.  It worked fine yesterday and this is how we have shown all of our staff and students how to edit a PDF-they saved it to ONEDrive and worked on it and then uploaded it to TEAMS assignment when they were finished.  This is a HUGE issue for us- any advice?

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@Lawana Pulliam We are experiencing exactly the same issue. We thought Teams may be the solution to requiring the paid Showbie app. Also cannot mark up a PDF document within the Teams app makes it less adept at leaving feedback for students. 

Facing the same issue for the last few days. Unable to give feedback to the assignments submitted by my students. Hoping that this issue is resolved at the earliest.
It seems like something it should be able to do. Would make it much more useful for primary schools.