Importing Quizzes in Teams

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I am brand new to the forum so please bear with me.  We are currently using Moodle for on-line teaching and most of the assignments, quizzes, etc.  The institute has been using it for YEARS, but looking at something newer and better, and have been considering MS Teams.
Wondering whether I could import the Question Banks, Quizzes etc. from Moodle to Teams in a fairly easy manner. I tried searching the answer on-line but did not have a whole lot of success.

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I doubt that there is a quick and easy way. Forms quizzes in Microsoft Teams is a very rudimentary app. That is probably the trade off of having a modern, light, agile app like Teams. It is easy to learn and use but limited. Don't expect to have the same set of features that you have in Moodle otherwise you are going to be very disappointed. Ms Teams is 'newer' but 'better' depends on your application. I would say that it is easier to implement and easier for teachers to use and ticks all the essential boxes. It integrates all modes of communication but when it comes to assessments, quizzes and the like, Moodle has a much richer feature set.