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Hi everyone plz give me suggestions what we can do here
I am new here
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Hi Asif,

The Tech Community are a set of communities which generally involve answering questions of a technical support nature. For example, in the Teams community common questions will be ‘How do I do this?’ or ‘I am having an issue with this feature’. However members of the community also:

- Post blog references
- Post Microsoft Event references
- Discuss technical subjects
- Advise technical solutions and workarounds
- Raise uservoices for new features
- Provide links to good reference materials
- Signpost to existing Tech Community articles
- Network to start events etc outside of the forums
- Discuss best practice

Have a look at all the communities and choose which ones you have an interest in. For example, I participate a lot in the Teams, Office 365 and Microsoft 365 communities. It is absolutely up to you whether you focus on one community or engage with several.

Hope that helps and answers your question. All the best for your community experience.

Best, Chris
me too a new member
Same to you