How to manage class teams - Shift students out of class, bring in new each year

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What is the most efficient way to manage class teams. Is it possible to keep the same architecture/setup of a class team and shift students out of class, bring in new each year, such that the conversations are cleaned each year. Or do you need to manually remove the students and manually clear the conversations, or create a new team each year you run the class?

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@abcrawfI'm not sure what method your tenant/organisation is using for creating the Class Teams and whether that uses SDS (School Data Sync) to connect to a Student Information System (SIS). Regardless, I would strongly suggest that you create a new Team for each class as it is time consuming to clean-up conversations and not all posts can be removed neatly. In addition, this can lead to issues over time with the limits of Teams and Channels. Given the ability to reuse assignments from other active and archived classes and lots of possibilities for creating a repository of files for the class that are stored in one location and shared with each new Team for a particular course, there shouldn't be too much additional work in setting up and managing a new Team, especially once you have a consistent Team Channel structure. Here are a few options for creating the repository of class resources:

  • share a OneDrive folder - manage access to give the Office 365 group for each Teams members read only access to the documents
  • keep a OneNote Notebook to import a content library in from for each course
  • create a 'Course Team' with no members to store resources in the SharePoint of the Team for that course then give permissions/manage access to each new Team to view the SharePoint document library and embed it in a tab of the Team