How to add students to classroom

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I am new to team I have created classroom with my organization I'd in teams but iam unable to make students to join in my classroom. I have gone to add members to my classroom but when iam typing name or email I couldn't find any one so how do I need to make students to join in my classroom
Can I add students with gmail account to my classroom ?
Is it require a student to have organization I'd to join my classroom
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Hello @sampathsiddam , it is good to try out new things so congratulations for trying out Microsoft Teams. There are various versions of Ms Teams out there. There is the corporate version when you have a commercial license, there is the educational version when you are registered as an educational institution and there is the free version when you create your own "organization".

For the first two versions, your admin needs to allocate Ms Teams licenses to your users. In fact, it is bundled with a particular license. For example school learners can be allocated an A1 license that includes the use of Ms Teams for Education. These licenses are free, but your institution still has to be registered as an educational institution for you to have this option.

If you are using the free version of Ms Teams (the third option) where you simply go ahead and create your own "organization", you can send invitations via email to those whom you want to "join" your organization. It does not matter what email address they are using. I think the first time they try to log in, Microsoft will request them to create a free account - using whatever email address they are using. You can then add them to the various teams in that "organization". AFAIK you need to be logged in with the credentials of the original creator of that "organization" in order to send invitations and add users. (Also see this conversation about adding members.)

You must be aware that the "free" version of Ms Teams does not have all the features of Microsoft Teams for Education. For example, it does not have Assignments - a major component of online education.



@Marius Pretorius Dear Sir Thank you so much for your valuable information, as i have got my institutional ID with that i have created an account in Microsoft teams Education account and i have also created my own classroom, but i am unable add students to my classroom because all of my students don't have my organization ID they have got there own personal accounts like Gmail and all so with those Gmail or any account how can i add those students to my classroom which i have created in Teams with my edu account.

Hello @sampathsiddam,


You should be able to invite your students to the team as "guests".


Instructions are listed here:


Your administrator may have to enable guest access:


I hope this helps.