How can you view all your assignments across all teams?

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I'm helping my son with his online lessons. He has different teachers creating different teams, and in order to check the status of his assignments, I have to switch between teams again and again. It is very inconvenient, and confuses both of us all the time.

Is there a view that lists all the assignments, with a tag indicating which team they are from?

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@Jeremy Miller Sorry Jeremy, but although it is titled as such this is not a solution at all. The described method involves clicking through to each team separately to see the assignments for each class, not viewing all the assignments from all classes in one comprehensive list. 

I have been having the same issue as the original poster and I have two high school age children who are finding the lack of an ability to see at a glance what is due and when a major disadvantage of the current teams set up.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get around this? 

I was surprised that the current assignments didnt show up in the teams calendar either. Is there a way to encourage microsoft to implement this feature?

@mzhao2009 Did you try Activities Feed as a workaround?

Well, this is now a month later and perhaps you did already find a solution. The short answer is that the view you are speaking of (seeing all assignments across teams in one list) is currently not available with Microsoft Teams for Education. Previously there was a view like that, but for some reason it was changed. Microsoft has said somewhere (UserVoice) that they are looking at bringing this view back.

However, a feature that I think is being overlooked is the Activities Feed. There you can see when a new Assignment is posted, when the Assignment has received feedback and all other activities such as new posts etc.