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We need to keep guest access turned on to run meetings with external individuals/organisations, but as a school we're experiencing people trying to access lessons that are not theirs, and causing problems.

When the (guest) suffix label appears, we can easily identify and deny admittance, but some guests area appearing without that suffix label, and are mimicking our usernames, making it impossible to identify without hovering over each potential participant to see their card.


Anyone know why the guest suffix has disappeared, and how we can ensure it is always there?

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@BenCave Hi, the following feature is released soon and will make the scenario you're describing obsolete (you don't have to bother about the lobby).


Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365

@ChristianBergstrom Thank you- that helps to an extent, but we normally don't let students join the lesson until the teacher is ready, so the lobby is generally quite useful. So this feature would prevent guests accessing the lesson, but allow students in before teachers, which could create a new issue perhaps.

Is there no way to ensure the (guest) label is always present?

Hi, can’t say really as I don’t fully understand what you’re describing to be honest. But you can at least prevent anonymous users to join,




I just did a test with an anonymous user (new Gmail account no association to my org.) and the (guest) is there when entering the meeting.