Guest access as 'teachers' in Teams

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Here is the situation: I work in a school music department and I am in charge of a team of visiting music teachers. They are self employed and as a result they do not have school email addresses or access to the school IT systems i.e. Teams, Onedrive etc.


I would like to create a Class Notebook to keep track of individual students. I know I can create a Team and invite guests and set this up as a staff notebook. Each music teacher would have their own section and they would have access to the collaboration space etc, but this would be staff only. Ideally, I would like each teacher to have access to a class notebook for their pupils. For practicalities, courtesy and data protection, I do not want one teacher to be be able to access notebooks of other pupils.


Is this achievable through Teams/One Note Class Notebook? I suspect I can't do ALL of this within one Team/Class Notebook. One option I thought of is to create a separate team for each music teacher with their students and set up a class notebook that way. This would be set up with me as a teacher, a guest (visiting music teacher) and a collection of pupils. Would the 'guest' be able to function as a 'teacher' in this scenario? Ideally I would like the 'guest' to be able to add to the content library and to have a 'teacher only' section, but I don't know if this is possible with an external email address.


Many thanks for your help to anyone who can assist!

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Similar question here. We have visiting faculty that our current faculty would like to make "instructors" so they can create/view/grade assignments, interact with students on their individual notebooks, etc. As a guest user, that functionality doesn't seem to be available, but this is really needed.