Grading in Teams

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Teams keeps track of assignments and the grade for the assignment, however, it does not calculate an overall average. How can I get Teams to calculate an overall average?

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@lhs20 I'm just trying to get a total, I won't even require it to do division, but I can see no way to do that.  No calculated columns at all.  This is so basic.  I meant Microsoft has done some serious work on Teams for the classroom with all the integrations -- it is like seeing an acrobatic tight-rope walker who is unable to walk up a flight of stairs.

@dbasener I prefer that Teams doesn't try to be a grading program. There are too many ways to determine a grade rather than a simple average. If Microsoft wants to get into the gradebook business then I hope they will embrace standards based grading. That is, assessments  should be sorted by standard or learning target and then show students' performance of each standard.