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In 'grades' - I like the utility of associating a mark with a task - but I'd like a little more flexibility.

E.g. if someone reattempts a task, I'd like to be able to record 'original score' and 'updated score' (in the summary screen, I could toggle, or show two values in that field. Each attempt could have its own comment.

Work is not 'late' when they clear the task (should that task be on paper). I'd like to be able to record some metadata (such as 'absent on deadline', 'absent when set', 'late', 'commendation' ...)
How to do that?

I could define some tags, each would be assigned (by me) a code - maybe a coloured letter. If I tag a student as 'commendation' then in the overview gradesheet, has a little letter. Red L? Late Blue C - commendation - so I have a quick visual for 'non mark related' issues. I might make some categories INVISIBLE to the student (e.g. 'absent').... Maybe I could have a flag for 'online/paper handin' and an online late would automatically get the 'L' flag. 

I might want to change the background to reflect scores (green = good, red= bad, e.g. excel gradient

I'd like to be able to record a column of data for me only. I can do that now with a fake assignment - but they see it issued, and they might get it returned with a misclick. It'd be a special type of assignment that CANNOT be 'returned'

I might have an assignment with two datapoints (e.g. accuracy and creativity) - this should be possible. 

I might have an assignment with dependent datapoints (e.g. raw score and a grade that depends on the raw score). This should be possible by entering grade boundaries.

I might want to import data from a previous class - i.e. export data from class A - some of those kids are in class B, import - if a child exists, import the historic data.

So - there's much I like about teams for grades, but there's a lot of things that I might reasonably want to do that I cannot do easily.

In order of priority
1) Metadata and presentation in the grade summary - the comments field rather hides the quick overview of various 'mitigating' factors. I want to see 'L' 'C' and other markers.
2) Imports of older data should it exist
3) Not for distribution data (i.e. a column of data for my use)
4) everything else I mentioned

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