Freemail wird als "Schulkonto" erkannt

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Hallo Microsoft Teams,

ich habe leider ein Problem bei der Registrierung auf Teams.


Bei der Eingabe meiner privaten Mailadresse erhalte ich diese Nachricht:

"Dies ist ein Schulkonto. Wir empfehlen Ihnen den kostenlosen Tarif „Office 365 Education”. Damit erhalten Sie Microsoft Teams und alle Office Online-Apps kostenlos."


Ich habe meine Mailadresse allerdings nicht als Schulkonto hinterlegt und nutze Office365 ebenfalls nicht in der "Education" Version.

Wie behebe ich den Fehler damit ich mich bei Teams registrieren kann?

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Hello @Mr_Underwood   I think you're best solution is to reach out to Microsoft 365 Teams support: Global Customer Service phone numbers (

@ThereseSolimeno thank you for your idea to solve the problem.

I tried 365 support first and they told me that my 365 is fine and it is an issue of "MS Teams" so I have to contact the MS Teams support. The 365 Support is not responsible for the teams issues.



@Christopher Hoard  - can you assist here?

Hello @Mr_Underwood

If the freemail address and domain (I.e. is part of a service it could have been used by someone else to sign up for a Microsoft 365 or Teams service elsewhere. In other words it is likely that the domain you are using to sign up has been used in an education account somewhere else

I would look at the article here: it could be a case you chose the school account option instead of the work account option

If the error persists and you want a free teams account the recommended action is to sign up for a free account, and then sign up for a free teams account using this new address.

Hope that helps to clarify

Best, Chris