Format of Teams Assignments has changed... less teacher friendly now.

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I've been getting emails from staff complaining about the new format that teams is using to display assignments for teachers.   Is there a better workaround than the one that is listed here?


How awful the new update is...let me count the ways. Here are some issues we are facing: 


One of the biggest issues is that once an assignment has reached its due date, the assignment goes into a new tab, past due. It's a new tab, and students don't know to look there. I forget too, to be honest, and students are starting assignments and not completing them because they are "gone". We used to have just two tabs and that was enough. 


This student in the screenshots I used as examples of how squished it is had started this assignment, and then it moved to past due, and she forgot about it. She is a great student who is on top of things, but the new format is just too much clicking to find things. 


The teams list does not go away when we open assignments now, so everything is squished unless you zoom to about 60% (but my eyes are too old for that). Some people have the option to expand. Not me for some reason? Students are missing comments on assignments because they don't appear; you have to scroll from side to side. And they just don't take that extra step. 


We can download it to the desktop app, but that too, is an extra step. 


And all this squishiness makes commenting on essays and giving relevant feedback extra work, like five more steps. And then the students miss it so they aren't getting the feedback either. 


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