Form (not Quiz) as assignment via MS Teams

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I tried to create an assignment to post Form (not Quiz) through Assignment of Teams, but the Form is not shown in the list. What might be the error?

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@sncl2mwwhen you create a new Assignment in Teams, you can choose one of two options:

  1. Assignment
  2. Quiz

Assignments can contain any file from OneDrive, new Office documents, links, Teams, or connected apps (MakeCode, Reading Progress). Quiz type assignments can only contain 'Quiz' type Forms created in Microsoft Forms. If you still want to attach the previously created 'Form' type Form then you would need to create an 'Assignment' and attach the form as a link that you are able to retrieve under 'Share' form. You would then have to review the results from Forms and enter your mark/feedback manually within the Teams Assignment tab.


It used to be possible to attach a 'Form' type form to an assignment as a 'Quiz', but that may have changed because students weren't able to see individual question feedback when teachers attached 'Form' type forms, as opposed to 'Quiz' type forms to Teams assignments. See this discussion and my reply on Microsoft Answers for more information on this issue:  Students receiving feedback  

Assignment as Quiz needs grades. I would sometimes like to distribute forms to the students for which the link should be shared.
It would be helpful if the method of distribution of Forms is same as the method of distribution of Quizzes.


It is possible to assign a quiz with no marks in Teams. Just ensure that when you create the quiz, you delete the points for each question. The points available on the Quiz in Teams is automatically generated from the total points available on the individual questions in the Quiz. If no points are available on each question then no points will be available on the assignment in Teams and you can just return it with feedback. It would be nicer to be able to attach a Form in this way, but that caused the problem with the individual question feedback being not visible to students. Attaching the Form share link to the assignment is okay as a workaround.