Error - Submitting Quiz in Teams but Teacher is unable to see the turn in Quiz


Good Day, 


The following issue: 


Problem: Student's View:

1. Student returns quiz assigned in team assignment.

2. The student is able to view the results after submitting the completed Quiz.

3. The student is unable to resubmit more that one submission which is normal. 

4. Error: The student Assignment does not changed to Completed. Which looks on the student view that the assignment is overdue and not Turned In. 



Problem: Teacher's View: 

1. The teacher is unable to view the Turn In quiz via Team Assignment section for only one student in her class.


2. When the teacher views the quiz via the Teams - Assignment Tab for the student, she only sees the student - "Viewed" - the assignment instead of seeing the student "Turned in" the assignment.


3. The Teacher is able to see the "Turned In" Quiz when clicked on the option "Open the forms "  from the Teams - Assignment view. The completed Quiz can be seen in Office Forms and not the Assignment Quiz in Teams


Please provide some guidance on how to resolve this issue. 


Thank you in Advance.



Screen Shoot attached. 




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