Error : Classes Team creation - Did'nt find any matches

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When a Teacher create a Classes Team, trying to add Students to the Team, result in error "We didn't find any matches. Talk to your IT admin about expanding the scope of your search."

If he makes another Teacher an owner of the Team those teachers as able to find all students and able to add.

If  a Global admin create a team and assign the Teacher as owner, he/she still not able to add any Students.

1. All teachers and students do have the correct license assigned.

2. Everything was working till it came under my attention 2 weeks ago


No idea if anything changed on the tenant b y MS which might cause this.

Will appreciate any assistance on this, as it becoming a headache for Teachers


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We are experiencing a very similar issue. Users can't even initiate a chat with users unless they have a past chat with that user or are both members of a Team already. I can't say for certain when this started but I know it was working about a month ago. It was just brought to my attention today.


I've opened a ticket with Microsoft. Still waiting on a response.

Hi have you had a resolution? I am experiencing the same thing. Thanks. 

Same problem.


Can only add members to Teams via Powershell Add-TeamUser or into the underlying 365 groups via Admin Center, which takes time due to 24 hour SLA on MS Graph.

I just noticed this was listed as the "accepted solution" despite not offering any solution. In our case it turned out to be an extended service interruption with Teams. Even though Teams was working parts of the search functionality was not. Microsoft support wasn't much help, they insisted on trouble shooting my machine even after I explained all users were experiencing interment search issues. Sometime towards the end of the day after this all started Microsoft finally posted a service interruption in their portal. 

Hi @siegard1640 ,

any resolution ? we are experiencing the same thing