Educator Looking for Break Out Room Capabilities

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Hello, I am a middle school technology teacher who just recently had to make the switch back to remote learning with my district. We are using Teams as a means to teach classes with our students and so far it has been fantastic. I know that breakout rooms have been recently introduced to the Teams platform, but my district has banned us from using them because we need to be able to monitor every breakout room to avoid bullying, off topic conversations, etc.


Here's my idea: What if the teacher of the course could create breakout rooms for students (and students would be automatically launched into these rooms so they don't have try to find it on their own), then perhaps the teacher can be put into a page that monitors and listens in on all of the breakout rooms and teachers are given a kind of switcher board that we can use to adjust the volume from the different breakout rooms so that we can have an ear on all of them but have the ability to focus in on specific ones when we need to. I would love to see this in action, please let me know if you need more specifics as I have a very good idea of what this should look like from a teacher's perspective. 


Thank you all for being awesome and helping us through such a unique time!

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@NKellogg  Ideas like yours will be seen faster by adding them using the Help area in Teams.  In the lower left hand corner you will see the word Help. When you click on it you will then see a number of choices.  Choose "Suggest a Feature" and post it there.  That area is seen by the product managers and sent to engineering for research.  Good Luck.

@mravitz Thank you so much! I will do this!

@NKellogg breakout rooms are expected to be released before mid December. You can track the roadmap announcement here: Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365

Hopefully the full release of Breakout Rooms will make them available in Channel Meetings. Have been working with the early release, this and the lack of ability to assign meeting participants to specific Breakout Rooms ahead of time are the biggest limiting factors at the moment.