Editing Members List of a class

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Hi , I am teaching at a University and using MS-Teams for lecturing. The classes (teams)  was created by some how the register all I did was to activate them which create the members list of the student and me as owner .  when I list the members , I get Student name and his academic rank (Freshman, Sophomore ..etc) . When I download the attendance list  at the end of the lecture ( excel csv sheet) it shows me 3 columns , The name , user action ( Joined or Left ) and date and time . However I have my excel sheet that I use for grades which has the name of the student written  differently than the excel I get from attendance list  in Teams ( Last then first and opposite in Teams list)  also detail about the student like the ID number . I need to insert the ID on MS-Teams so when I download the attendance list , the ID will be associated with student this way I can compare who attended using the number by sorting both sheets. I tried Visual Basic (VB) however my lack of experience with it will cost me a lot of time . Any suggestion

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