Delay while screen sharing in Microsoft teams

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while I am taking lecture and sharing my screen to student at that time if I move to the next slide or if I make annotation to the slide there is a delay in students screen. voice and visualization is not synced. 


So, is there any solution for this when I make annotation at the same time it should reflect on my students screen without any delay. 


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@Krunalpatel  update all driver

Hi @harikrishna1275 i am using mac and all my drivers and os is up to date still i am facing this issue

I have a similar problem as reported above. I need to collaborate with clients and it's super slow when I'm sharing my screen using MS Teams on a Mac Pro with Bug Sur v. 11.1.

@Krunalpatel I have the same problem and it's something which makes teaching practically impossible. A solution is needed urgently.