Classnotebook is not Classnotebook created in Teams

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I created a Classnotebook from I added my students via the previously from SDS created group Info10. I could reach this class notebook and manage it. Then I went to Microsoft Teams. I saw my group Info10 in the teams list. I opened the group and hoped to see my previously generated Classenotebook for this group. Instead I was forced to generate a new Classnotebook when I clicked on the tab "Kursnotizbuch (in German)". Now I am really confused. Can anybody give me an hint, how I should right work with Classnotebooks. What is best practise?

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@Hardy Krausemaybe someone else will add to this conversation. As I see it, Ms Teams is the "glue" that holds everything together. Therefore that is my starting point. I then use the other apps that integrate with Ms Teams.

The OneNote notebook that is created from Ms Teams can be managed with ClassNotebook tools AFAIK.

When using class notebook in Teams you need to provision it within the team and the members will automatically be added.

If I create classnotebook via the admin panel I can add the group, in my case info10, and all members where added with the special sections. I miss a comparison of this two possibilities to create a classnotebook with clear statements about advantages and disadvantages of both methods. One difference I found myself ist that creating the Classnotebook outside MS Teams it will be created in my personal Onedrive folder. If you create it in Teams it will be stored in the onedrive-Teams folder.

You asked for best practice and that is to provision the class notebook from within Teams.

Adding an existing class notebook to Teams for Education is not supported, you could add a website and point to OneNote Online,but it wouldn't give you that same integrated experience.


Is there a particular reason why you prefer to create the class notebook outside of Teams?

Its not the question of prefer or not prefer. I can't say this because weare only just beginning to use Onenote class ntebook at our school. And when I search for infos about creating a class notebook I get either in German tutorials or at top position of google the link to There is really no hint or question or similar "Do you want to create your class notebook in Microsoft Teams?. Nothing. As a beginner I would ever use the creation of class notebook at this point. Fortunately I knew about the possibility of creating a notebook insde MS Teams, before introducing this to our students. I think many of the other people outside which begin to use class notebook enter the same trap as me.
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I see, that is unfortunate.

You could always read the Microsoft Education Blog or the support docs.


I also have a blog with loads of stuff on Teams for Education called, feel free to check it out.


This is really a great article. It helps to understand how the combination of class notebook and MS Teams works.
Thank you very much for your time and patience!