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Does anyone know of any way to pull assignment statistics from class teams using PowerBI or Graph or equiv? 

Our School exec's want to see the usage of Teams and how many students are returning work etc. I cant see any PowerBI or Graph extensions for Teams classes so I don't have high hopes. I'm aware of the usage graph however am looking for specific data regarding assignments.

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@Rhys Williams 


Seconded, we really need a way to do this.

@dave10x The Insights "add on" does this for you. Add it as a tab in a Class Team. Only the teacher or "owner" of the team will see it. It provides you with all the statistics you need. You can drill down into detail of time spent, on what, assignments submitted per learner etc.

I noticed this some time ago and wondered why it had not been published more widely. I called it one of the best kept secrets of Microsoft Teams for Education. I have some screenshots in that post that shows you the kind of information one can obtain. Here is a video posted by Microsoft Education on the Insights feature just after my best kept secret post.

@Marius Pretorius we do currently use the Insights app however it doesnt give a top level view of the entire tenant's classes. School senior leaders need to know the overviews and averages, which currently cannot be pulled from Graph or any alternative.

The current solution is to use the export from excel option in Insights and then pull that into a PowerBI dashboard, but this requires all owners of all classes to do this consistently.