Class Teams and hidden membership

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Hi All,


I wonder if someone can help?


We are looking at using Teams to conduct offenders rehabilitation training online and we need to keep participants contact details private.  I have done some research and regular Teams does not seam to support this function but I was hoping the Education version does, particularly because it offers base templates such as 'class'.  According to Microsoft this sets team visibility to hidden membership but does not explain this further and after many hours of Goggle I can't find a definitive answer. 


Do any of you know whether this template hides participants email addresses and contact info?


Thanks in advance....oh and if you know of another work around I would be really happy to hear it.


Many thanks.



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@FleetOptima Hi, I think this is a function from SDS (School Data Sync).


You can create M365-groups based from school infromation system and also create a Team connected to  this M365 Group.


But if you not want to create the Team - you just want the M365 group - you can in SDS admin disable Team-creation. But everything is created but not visable = hidden membership. If you change your mind and want the Team, you can create a Team based on the M365 group Teamplates type is switch to normal.