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I am wondering if, like us, people are still waiting for the Class Materials folder to appear in their Teams Files area. It was announced at BETT back in January that this would be coming soon but, so far, it has not appeared for us. 

Is there something we should do to enable the feature or should it just appear?


Many thanks for any advice



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Hi there Clive,

Class Materials is unfortunately still not generally available.

I’ll try to get an official answer, but no promises ;)




Hi Marcus,


Many thanks for trying to help. Hopefully Microsoft will be able to give you some idea of the time scale.


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Hey @Clive Norton, thanks so much for your patience. We are in the middle of rolling this out. Once it is rolled out to your tenant, there is nothing you'll need to do as it will just appear in all Class Teams. You should be able to see it over the next couple weeks. We're so excited for you to have Class Materials!


There is a way to create a read-only folder for students today, here's how:

Hi @Justin Chando ,

it is great that this feature is now available in the web and desktop views of class teams.  Do you know when it is coming to the Teams Apps.  


I've just launched this in my school and the Class Materials folder was a feature that many staff thought would be great.  Currently though, students are unable to access files in this folder from the apps (Android or iOS).  I presume it is because the Class Materials folder is a separate document library in SharePoint.  Is this currently being worked on?

Thanks for the good work



@Clive Norton 


Like @MartinD450 my students are still unable to access the Class Materials files from the app - please can this be sorted ASAP Microsoft as it's very frustrating for my learners!


Many thanks,


@Clive Norton.  I heard that this is rolling out now for iOS. Still no Android phone support.



@Marko Franken 

See my solution here: Forget about Class Materials in Teams. I think you will like it.

@Marius Pretorius Thanks, I passed this along to teachers who are actually using these features, we'll see what they think about this...


I probably have to revisit this topic. I am now more inclined to use the Class Materials folder. The reason being that when you want to clone a new team based on a previous one (think different year group) then it is much easier to copy one folder (with all the subfolders) than copying folders from the different channels. Ms Teams allows you to copy/clone a team but it does not transfer the content (only the structure).

I would then insert links to to necessary files in posts or, preferably, insert a Library web part on a SharePoint page which I would add to a tab of a channel.

See my post here with a link to a video by Dr David Kellerman where he demonstrates how easy it is to create a SharePoint course page.