Changing the OneNote I linked on my teams

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Hi everyone, I am new to teams, I set it up and it asked if I wanted to create a new notebook /onenote or select an exisitng one and I (foolishly) clicked new instead of existing. How can I change the notebook i have linked now? I googled around for ages and could not figure it out!


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Hi @emma_k_craven

There are a few options

1.) You could select the + Sign in the General channel and select a new OneNote tab which should be able to let you add the existing notebook
2.) You should be able to remove the OneNote tab and then follow 1.) above by setting up a new tab

Alternatively, if you haven't already put a load in the Team you could simply delete the Team and set it up again. AFAIK once you have set it up there isn't a way to swap it out at the current time.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
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@Christopher Hoard 


Well you sir are an angel, thank you for your help.


I think I will have to delete and start again..