Can a teacher set an assignment for a Team they don't belong to?

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Hi all,

We are new to Teams and trying to figure out its benefits and limitations - we are initially using Teams for setting homeworks.


Many of our departments collaboratively plan the homework students receive and as such, one teacher in a department will set the work the entire cohort of students.  We seem to be struggling with this with Teams - is there a way of a teacher being able to do this without adding them as owners to every class team?





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@mrKing1983 I don't think so. The easiest way to add a staff member to lots of classes is from Azure Active Directory. If you have permission, you can assign them to the groups (classes) there.

Teachers can assign work for classes they are a part of using Microsoft Teams as of the knowledge cutoff date in September 2021. However, without being added as an owner or member of that Team, a teacher cannot directly create an assignment for a Team to which they do not belong.

Each class or Team in Microsoft Teams has a dedicated workspace that is only accessible to its members, including teachers and students. A teacher needs to be a member of the Team for that class in order to offer homework. This makes sure that only people with the proper permissions may communicate with the students and have access to the homework and other materials.If several instructors from various areas must work together to develop and assign