Block user(s) with your tenant?

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We are a small school for children from k-12. We have middle schoolers making private calls (prank calls, being inappropriate) to other student's. Is there a way to block students from making private calls, but still allowing them to receive private calls from staff (the students have private counseling services where they meet 1 on 1 with staff, so the current Teams Policies settings in to block all private calls won't work) to other students?


Or give the option for students to block calls from other students?

I know you can block people in your contact list, but the "block" option is only available when the user you're trying to block is outside of your tenant.


Thank you for your time


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@AccotinkCaptain Hello, as far as I know the Set-CsTeamsCallingPolicy -AllowPrivateCalling will turn off all the calling functionality, as you mentioned. I don't know how to set it up allowing only calls in a "one way" scenario as it will be disabled for the other part (if you create a new policy and assign it to the students for example).