Automate the calendar sync from MIS to AD for education

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Hi Community,


One of our customer raised the below query:


We are assisting many of our clients with their SDS configuration, in building solutions for our clients many are asking that


1. Is there a way of taking events and other calendar items automatically from their MIS to their staff calendars such as,


• Add school timetable to staff/students Outlook calendars from SIMs

• Add school events to staff Outlook calendars from SIMs We need assistance to see if a way within SDS or another way to pull that information in to office 365.


Any guidance would be of great help!


Many thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

SDS does not help with this, but you could look into creating a custom solution using the Graph APIs.



Hi Magnus, 


Thank you very much for your response. 


Could you please confirm whether it is in out of the box solution? Any documentaiton.


Many thanks!

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@Newlife We don’t have a solution for this in the product today, but like I mentioned you could create a custom solution using the APIs and there might be 3rd party apps that can help with something like this.