Attendees showing as 'Guest' causing breakout-room issues

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We're using Teams for our seminars at university, and were excited when breakout-rooms rolled out. But, we've been unable to use breakout-rooms because there are always some students showing as 'guests'. Guests are greyed-out and can't be assigned to breakout rooms.
          It happened to me last week - I'd joined in the normal way, but I was registered as 'guest'. Also, my screen looked different - the controls were at the bottom of the screen instead of the top, there were less of them, and there was a 'hang up' icon instead of 'leave'. We've tried making sure everyone have accepted the Teams invitation, and left and rejoined, but it hasn't made any difference. Help!!!!

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@RichardsSeat Is it possible that the "guest" users weren't logged in? As in they've just clicked the join link in an email, connected anonymously, and aren't logged into Teams?

I think that might explain the "Guest" status and your controls looking different.