Archiving past year academic teams without loosing groups name already ready to be used this year

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Would there be a way to archive some teams used during the past academic year and re-create  new teams with the same group/name ?


As you know, in the admin panel, each created group and team gets its own dedicated email address. However, the problem occurs when after having archived a team and its group, I want to keep the group only and re-create a new Team. More precisely, I wish to archive teams used during the past academic year and re-create new teams for this coming academic year, keeping the existing groups, without their data, of course. I don't wish any new student in a team to receive last year's assignements on top of this year's assignement!  


I am really desperate you find solution to this problem very soon, as I have a whole school to manage in the coming weeks (the academic year starts early Septembre in Belgium).


Thanks a lot in advance.

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Cedric Vanconingsloo

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Even if it were technical possible, the fact that creating a Team also creates email accounts and a SharePoint site, means that you would have to deal with all the management issues around duplication of many entities. If you ever have to do audit controls - and for instance - reinstate an old entity - you could have significant problems.

When i have set up Teams in academic environments we've always made them unique to the course year or student cohort.