Archiving assignments

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I'm starting to work on the next year's classes and when I clicked on the assignments tab, I see all the unfinished assignments from my archived teams from last semester. Is there a way to archive the assignments so I start new in September?

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Hi, I have no experience from Teams Edu but when doing a quick search it looks like there are many UserVoice requests for that (but can't enter as UV is deactivated temporarily). I suppose you'll get rid of them by archiving the Team but that is probably something you don't want to do, adding anyway

Keep an eye on when UV gets back up to see what the UV requests says (this being the oldest one I think)

@JoelDucharme I've moved your post to the Microsoft Teams for Education discussion forum so that members of this group can offer their suggestions.



I did archive my classes to clean up my Teams and the assignments still show up in the main assignments. Archiving your classroom teams is actually a great way to keep them but hide them until needed again. This was my first semester using teams and I wasn't very good at organizing my assignments, so there are some that are left, that I don't want to loose since they are still good for the next time I will teach these classes.