Am I the only one unable to edit gradebook entries in Teams?

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Trying to rephrase my question. I'm wondering if it has something to do with my institution's IT policies or if it's the way Teams is structured. Please let me know if you experience the same thing.


I want to be able to look at the gradebook and individually edit points awarded for an assignment given through Forms (quiz). 


Can anyone manually edit quiz scores?


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Hi Rich! You can edit assignment points in the gradebook, but not quiz points. Adjusting quiz points must be done using Microsoft Forms. This is a limitation put in by Microsoft.

@daylencathanks for the reply.

What I've seen from the institutional side is just about everything in O365 can be manipulated. The trick is talking to the right tech.  

So, how do I take points off for being late? I have to mark a question wrong? Doesn't make sense.


I'll try to coordinate with our IT and Microsoft rep.



Talking with your Microsoft representative is a great idea! It's the most effective way to get a feature request implemented. The more districts that Microsoft hears a particular idea from, the higher priority it becomes.