A Way for Students to see their current average score in Teams?

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Hi Community,

Is there a way for students to see their current average score in the Teams Grade tab? They can see their individual grades for assignments, but looks like they have to do the math themselves to get an average?


Anyone find something I'm missing?


Another question I hesitate to ask, because it seems like such common sense I must be missing something.


Thanks for taking a look.



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I found this video really interesting and a good starting point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsrx_JjXVgU @Rich_Th 

I am desperate looking for the same.
Improve grades in MS Teams. Need to be able to weight an assignment and get a current overall grade continuously calculated. Another great feature would be to track learning outcomes over the course. Often the same skill can be assessed multiple times - good to be able to see improvement in an outcome.
I'm not sure why this function hasn't been implemented.
It's the question I get from my students after almost every assignment gets marked. They don't care so much what they got on the assignment, only how it affects their final grade.
I'm also not sure why the gradebook is so rudimentary. The ability to weight assignments is essential for most LMS users.
Please improve the gradebook to allow categories and weighted grades, and of course share the grades and averages with the students. Even being able to manipulate the existing calculation to be an average of total points instead of an average of averages would be big improvement. Ideally, the gradebook (which is a sheet of cells in rows and columns with applied formulas) should be a functional Excel sheet, if not a workbook.