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Teams is becoming the main hub for teamwork and communication. Switching between apps or context can be time consuming. So why not integrate your app in Teams ?

Larry on stageLarry on stage

Today, You can extend Teams by using the developer platform and the power of Microsoft Graph :

  • Tabs to add apps directly in the channel
  • Bot Interaction
  • Compose extensions
  • Connectors

To illustrate these capabilities, Micro Focus showed their "Chatops" app for Teams that helps developer or IT professional to bring all data and operations in the context of the conversation.Chatops botChatops botDirectly from Teams, an IT administrator can ask the bot to do some checks about connectivity and get status of all the services. In case of failure, bot can create ticket without any human intervention.

It's a great example to be more productive and avoid waste of time


But now how we can do? Larry has shown the process to create an app with visual studio 

  • Tab that can be a personal or in a channel. It's a web application that using Teams javascript API to add context in the app3.jpg


  • A bot developed with Bot framework. His application can create task and use some commands that are added in app manifest (It's a really cool way to help users). Bot is just a gateway between teams and the business application. A good example is for HR, a user can ask information directly to the bot
  • Compose extension that is also leveraging the bot framework (it's a specific activity) and guides users to add context in the message (for example with Bing)
  • Connectors to push notifications in a channel (like Chatops)

A good news is that Teams is available today in Microsoft graph! (in beta). And to finalize, he showed how to manage applications in Teams Admin portal.


The scenarios will be more and more effective and intelligent, so it's a place where you need to add your application! If you want to have more details and see demos, the session will be available on ignite.microsoft.com


I'm covering other sessions on Skype for Business / Teams development platform all along the week, you can follow me on twitter @alexis_conia or on https://www.xpanduc.com

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