Notifications from Yammer communities are now available in Microsoft Teams

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Today we’re announcing the rollout of notifications from Yammer communities in Microsoft Teams. With millions of employees working remotely or in hybrid environments, it’s more important than ever for employees to feel connected. Teams makes it easier to collaborate with others, create workspaces, chat, meet virtually with others, and integrate your business solutions all from a single platform. But many conversations extend beyond your workgroups and departments, linking employees who may have never met or have never worked together. These types of engagements are happening in communities. Last year, we released the Communities app for Microsoft Teams, brings all of your Yammer communities and conversations into Teams. Today, we are excited to take that integration to the next level.


Get Yammer Communities notifications in Teams
Stay up to date with notifications coming from your Yammer communities while in Teams. Once installed, you will receive Yammer notifications in the Teams Activity feed on web, desktop, and mobile.


This means that you can be notified in Teams for high-value scenarios—when announcements are made in communities that you are a member of, and when you are @mentioned in a conversation. You can then like read, respond to the post and react with our new inclusive reactions without leaving Teams.



Take corporate communications to the next level
The Communities app in Teams brings a platform for your communities and employees to thrive. Communicators and leaders can now use these notifications and other scenarios in Yammer to keep everyone connected and informed of news and updates by sending push notifications that reach all the way to the lock screen on mobile devices, and new insights offer deep insights and feedback into engagement happening on those communications. Perfect for:

  • Large scale announcements such as policy updates, safety information, and organizational change
  • Frontline workers and mobile employees who need to access important information and conversations with headquarters from mobile devices
  • Employee communities that span departments such as new employee onboarding, and diversity & inclusion communities
  • Functional communities that connect people to crowdsource solutions, ideate, and share with coworkers (example: hackathons, events, kickoffs)

Notifications from Yammer communities are now available in the Teams mobile appNotifications from Yammer communities are now available in the Teams mobile app


If you’re new to Communities, here’s how you can use Yammer with Microsoft Teams to keep everyone connected.



Install the Communities app in Teams
Any user can install the Communities app using the options in the Teams app bar (see below) and pin it in just a few clicks. IT Admins can also choose to deploy and pin the app for all users or particular departments through custom policies.

Install the Communities app, powered by Yammer, from the app store in Microsoft Teams.Install the Communities app, powered by Yammer, from the app store in Microsoft Teams.



Better together
We’re continuing to deepen the integration of communities and teams to help organizations achieve more. Recently, we’ve added Search to the web, desktop, and mobile apps so you can find and discover community conversations without leaving Teams. We’ve also updated the Yammer channel tab to inherit the styling and functionality of the new Yammer. Users will automatically see this change with no action required from them.

Stay tuned as we’ll have more news to share soon!


Murali Sitaram
Murali is the Vice President of Yammer and Office 365 Groups.

Sounds great!

This is so exciting! Thank you for bringing this integration to us. I know I will find it very helpful! 

Frequent Contributor

These integrations are opening up a whole new level of conversations with conscientious IT teams and organization leaders. We just need to get the word out! Thanks, @MuraliSitaram and team!

Senior Member

Some great capabilities being brought there to frontline workers. 

Regular Visitor

To clarify, if I put 'Communities' on my left rail, by default I will get announcements from EVERY community I have joined?  If I'm flooded, I will need to go to Notifications - Community and turn off? 

Occasional Visitor

how can we get notification that there is a new post in the yammer feed ? 
i installed the teams app but i'm not notified is someone post something.


@MuraliSitaram  Looks like notifications do not work on my side. I have Communities 2.2.3:


I don't see anything from Yammer in MsTeams Activity 

Occasional Contributor

I don't receive any Yammer notifications in Teams Activity too.

Regular Visitor

This just started and is driving me crazy - I’m getting way too many messages in Teams that I would rather just browse in Yammer as needed. Please tell me how to turn this off without having to completely leave a yammer group?  Thank you!

Regular Visitor

In Teams go to Settings - Notifications - Communities and edit the two options to 'Off'. 

Regular Visitor

Thank you @TammyWozniak but I’m still lost. When I followed that path, only one channel appears and it is my most important channel that doesn’t use yammer at all. The odd thing is that these notifications of yammer posts are only appearing on my iPhone and not on my Windows 10 pc Teams app. I can’t turn all teams notification off on my iPhone because I need some of them.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

Regular Visitor

IDK what you mean by 'only one channel appears'. The Settings - Notifications - Communities - Edit should let you turn off notices that appear in Teams from Yammer 'Announcements' and '@Mentions'.   



Regular Visitor

That’s very odd. When I follow that flow through the menus on my phone my screen doesn’t look anything like that. This is what I mean by only one channel appears. I’m still getting push messages every time someone posts to two yammer groups. 



I do not see Communities in the Settings/notifications via Mac Desktop/Chrome browser/phone or iPad versions. What versions are others using that can see communities in the notification settings?


Using Teams Mac desktop version

Communities App version 2.2.3





Regular Visitor

I am using windows machine, not mobile. Version (64-bit).

Occasional Visitor

Hi, we have Communities in the Teams, but no employee receives notifications directly in the Teams about the new post.. Why??? This is the basic and most necessary thing. When will you fix this sad bug?


It seems you will only get notifications for announcements and not posts. Announcements can only be made by community admins ie not everyone.


Principle being that announcements get the focus as should be the most important things and could be lost if every post gets announced. It does make sense but confusing within Teams where you have options to be notified across many posts/chats.

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