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NEW! Teams Adoption Hub - Enhanced guidance for user adoption projects

Published Nov 27 2018 04:31 AM 44.8K Views

We are excited to share with you our new Teams Adoption Hub which you can access at  This content simplifies the deployment and adoption process for Microsoft Teams and can be applied to other Office 365 workloads.  At Ignite we taught the enhanced Office 365 Adoption framework and Microsoft Teams is the first workload to build these enhancements into our core adoption methodology.  



By breaking our adoption guidance into three key sections - Start, Experiment and Scale - we hope to help organizations accelerate and simplify their adoption with hands-on experience in their organization.  This site, which is a portion of the overall guidance, also provides downloadable tools to help you execute your project.  


These tools include our popular Day in the Life training one sheets, an overall service adoption project plan, example personas and helpdesk guidance to name a few.  We will continue to enhance this section with additional tools and sceanrio guidance over the course of the next few months.  


We have also included enhanced guidance about how to structure teams and channels, leverage an early adopter program and build your own internal Champions program.  As always user adoption projects work hand in hand with your overall technical readiness process.   You can engage with us here or over in the Driving Adoption forum to learn more about how to use this new guidance in your own company.  We discuss this and other adoption best practices in our Office 365 Champions program in our monthly community calls.   Give us feedback on what additional guidance and content you need. We are always here to help!



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Hi @Karuana Gatimu is there any chance to register from France ? any workarround for motivated people who want to join this program, because it seems O365 Champions program is limited for some countries ... :(


Thx for your help

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The first hub link redirect to MS homepage - 



HI @Yossi Leon- I fixed it. Thank you.


HI @hadness - Yes we will be expanding the O365 Champions program by the end of December. 

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Thx @Karuana Gatimu Great news ! can't wait ... :)

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Hi @Karuana Gatimu, Are there any day in the life quicksheets for Higher Education?





HI @Aleisha Turner -Not yet but we are considering developing them.  Please put this request in our UserVoice so others can vote on it too.  Thanks

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Hi @Karuana Gatimu,

I thought that perhaps we should talk at some point. We've recently released the 100% free training app for Teams into the App Store: and it would be good to understand how we can help further.

As you will no doubt be aware, lack of user training is the #1 barrier to adoption of workloads in M365.

And as you will see from the app page, we have a lot of very high quality How-to videos that cover pretty much anything a user needs to do in Teams. Of particular note are the videos that encourage existing Skype for Business users to start using Teams for calls, meetings, and so on:

  • Overview of Microsoft Teams
  • From Skype to Teams: How to Make a Call
  • From Skype to Teams: How to Make Quick Audio Call within Groups
  • From Skype to Teams: How to Forward or Transfer Calls
  • From Skype to Teams: How to Access Chat and Files
  • From Skype to Teams: How to Share Desktops or Programs during a Meeting
  • From Skype to Teams: How to Send Messages to Individuals or Groups
  • From Skype to Teams: How to Use Emojis, GIFs and Memes in Messages
  • From Skype to Teams: How to Update your Status
  • From Skype to Teams: How to Schedule a Meeting
  • From Skype to Teams: How to Record a Meeting
  • From Skype to Teams: How to Share Files with People in a Chat
  • How to: Start a New Conversation
  • How to: Participate in Meetings
  • How to: Organize Quick Meetings
  • How to: Schedule Meetings with Team Members
  • How to: Add Notes
  • How to: Create, Upload, or Delete Files
  • How to: Manage Files
  • How to: Perform Searches
  • How to: Create and Manage Tabs
  • How to: View Recent Activities
  • How to: Create New Teams
  • How to: Manage Team Members
  • How to: Add and Manage Channels in a Team
  • How to: Add Connectors to a Channel
  • How to: Schedule Meetings with Team Members
  • How to: View Team Activity in SharePoint
  • How to: Configure Settings for Microsoft Teams
  • How to: Customize General Settings
  • How to: Manage Notification Settings
  • How to: Personalize your Space
  • How to: Create and Manage Tabs


Let me know if you'd like to connect,





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I trying to help my customer executive administration assistant staff adopt teams and we have hit a big roadblock because the Calendar story is so poor. There are major issues when attempting to use an Exchange/Outlook group calendar or a SharePoint Event list (calendar). This issue has been voted on by many people in UserVoice, but nothing has been done to make it easy for Team to have a fully functioning calendar. When can we expect this basic functionality.


When the VPs assistants can't do basic things like adding a days off to a calendar in teams, they aren't going to use and then the VPs won't use it either.

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@Karuana Gatimu : could you provide us any date when you will be expanding the O365 Champions program. It is still not possible for country like France :( 


Many thx !



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