Introducing new Teams certified devices

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It has been an interesting and unprecedented time for all, getting to grips on this new way of remote working, socializing, and connecting with our customers. Working with our device partners we continue to bring new Teams certified devices to market. Our new range of certified personal devices are aimed to support our customers working remotely. For our meeting room experience, we continue to expand our portfolio of certified room devices to ensure Teams Rooms can scale to meet the needs of any size space.

As a recap, the Microsoft device Certification Program is designed to offer Microsoft customers confidence that third party devices will provide a compatible, high-quality experience when used with Microsoft Teams.

Certification highlights for headset and speakerphones

All the headsets listed below deliver the longstanding benefits of certification, such as great audio and integrated call control. We’d like to highlight two additional important benefits offered by many of the devices below:


  • Teams button
    Available on all Teams certified headsets and speakerphones, you will have deeper integration with Teams from your device. Simply click the button to bring Teams to the forefront of your pc screen, quickly join a meeting that has started, or check your missed calls and voicemail.


  • Premium microphone for open office
    Many of the headsets listed below offer a premium microphone optimized for use in an open office. This enhanced requirement for headsets offers the best possible performance for use in noisy environments or open offices where nearby sounds or voices are present.


Today we are pleased to announce a range of new Teams certified devices across our categories.


Teams headsets
One of the most discussed topics currently is “remote working” and how users are having to adjust to the new way of work. One critical need is a reliable and comfortable personal device to use while in calls and meetings. Detailed below are the newest additions to our range of certified peripherals from our device partners.


  • EPOS - Part of Demant Group, has announced that its range of wired IMPACT headsets, which were previously certified for Skype for Business, now offer a firmware upgrade to be certified for Microsoft Teams. This upgrade brings richer Teams integration, with the call answer button and LED now acting like a Teams button. Users can now receive alerts and engage with Teams by pressing the button to quickly join meetings or check missed calls.

epos 3.png


  • Jabra - introduces Evolve2, the new standard of professional headsets. A dedicated Microsoft Teams button alerts users of notifications and allows them to take quick actions. The certification for premium microphone for open office provides confidence that you will be heard clearly. With a more visible busy light and an advanced digital chipset, concentration and communication is better than ever.



  • Logitech - Zone Wireless and Zone Wired headsets are designed for busy workspaces and are certified for Microsoft Teams. Launch or join a Teams meeting with a single touch. Both deliver premium audio and reliable call clarity. In addition, Zone Wired meets Microsoft's premium microphone for open office requirement.

logitech 3.png


  • Poly – A selection of headsets with different wearing styles, including corded and Bluetooth wireless, are now available with a dedicated Teams button. Some of these models have also met Microsoft's premium microphone for open office requirement. For some existing Skype for Business certified devices, customers can expect a firmware upgrade to enable Teams integration using the hook switch.




Teams phones
It's exciting to see the growth in the Teams phones category and as demand continues to grow, providing options for our customers is critical. We are excited to welcome Lenovo to the Teams phone category with their ThinkSmart View Teams phone.


  • Lenovo - ThinkSmart View features an 8" HD display and high-quality microphone and speaker. Upgrade any personal or common area space with a dedicated Teams device designed to consolidate the meeting and calling experience. ThinkSmart View reduces downtime in meetings with one-touch join, supports face to face interaction in portrait or landscape layout, and assures conversation privacy with a camera shutter and a microphone mute switch.

Lenovo phone.png

Teams rooms and room accessories
With Microsoft Teams Rooms and certified meeting room accessories, organizations can transform any space to a Teams meeting place. Working with our partners, we continue to expand our portfolio of certified devices to ensure Teams Rooms can scale to meet the needs of any size room.


  • Yealink – The Yealink MVC900 Room System delivers a native Microsoft Teams Rooms meeting experience. Designed for extra-large meeting rooms and training spaces, the Yealink MVC900 Room System is a complete solution and includes a touch control console, content sharing unit, audio and video peripherals, and mini-PC.

Yealink MVC 900.png


  • Bose and Sennheiser – Clear the table of microphones and speakers, for better collaboration. The Bose ES1 Ceiling Audio Solution combines the premium performance of the Bose EdgeMax in-ceiling loudspeaker and Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone — along with a Bose amplifier and DSP — to deliver a seamless meeting experience that empowers productivity while removing clutter from the conference room table.

Bose and Sennheiser2.png


  • Logitech – Logitech has introduced the Logitech Room Solution powered by Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny, for Microsoft Teams Rooms. Available in small, medium, and large configurations, these pre-configured systems also include a Logitech conferencecam with RightSense™ technologies, a PC mount with cable retention, and the Logitech Tap touch controller.

Logitech and Lenovo Tiny.png


  • Poly – Introducing the Poly Trio C60, the newest and best Trio of the Trio conference phone family, delivers a powerful Teams audio experience. Poly audio ensures every inflection is heard, without the distracting background noise.

Poly C60.png


shure 2.png


Microflex 2.png

New Contributor

I am one of many that adopted the Trio 8800 / Visual + (for single screen) VisualPro (for dual screen) before teams and they were skype for business online devices and they worked awesome / our users loved the quality and simplicity of walking in a room and tapping join.  From an IT side we very much enjoyed the simplicity of management across the nation with Resource Manager and the granular level of configurations we could do.  We had constant issues with Skype Room Systems that needed rebooted frequently, every round of Microsoft patches usually rendered the rooms unusable until the device was rebooted (sometimes multiple times).   When the teams spec was released and we found our Trios across the nation were demoted to audio only devices, lets just say we were not happy, and going to Gartner conferences to talk with huge companies - many were in the same situation and had the same feelings.


Fast forward and we are still not in a teams compatible state - which baffles me, however we are in the final stages of implementing Real Connect to get our Trio rooms to fully participate in Teams meetings with video and content (not just audio).  In talking with some local companies they are removing their Teams Room Systems as the same issues came in the first round of updates (crashes / rooms not working / etc..).  PLEASE listen to your customers and not push a windows endpoint as the room system - embrace the partner world and certify their hardware and innovations to RUN teams FULLY.  Zoom is working tirelessly to own the room, because if they own the room / they will soon own the desktop.  I am not saying compete with zoom in functions (as you already are and doing well, keep going!), what I am saying is take on the same MINDSET that zoom has / they are compatible with just about every hardware platform you can name (they do not have an operating system they are pushing you into).


Teams is AWESOME and keeps getting better - however in the hardware space, it seems the hardware compatibility division is not following in Satya's incredibly successful direction of focusing on the service, not the hardware (with the exception of surface) - and it is proven to be the RIGHT strategy.


/soapbox :)

New Contributor

Aha! so this is why everyone now experience that the answer/ hangup button suddenly stopped working with teams :unamused: Awesome business strategy. Add a new layer of certification, and all your customers have to buy new equipment.

New Contributor

@Ole_Martin  - Correct.  The unfortunate part is that this strategy is not shared with other areas of Microsoft.  True Surface division is continuing to gain significant ground and the story of a 'native' windows client (surface / windows 10 / managed desktop / intune etc..) that Brad Anderson talks about is very compelling and I think it will continue to gain steam as the surrounding services continue to get better, but the overall M365 suite of services really doesn't care what you run services on.  I have ran Office suite on just about everything from a windows client / iOS devices / linux / chromebook / android - and they all work, no pushing you to a surface device just to run office suite - they focus on the service and let everyone play!

Frequent Contributor

@Microsoft_Teams_team Awesome! Any info what the plan is to Teams certify your own Surface Headphones? Or is there a bigger plan to implement some built-in wireless protocol in Surface Laptops/Pro that will enable us to get native certified Teams devices without the USB dongle? :)

New Contributor

And now when I get a Teams call I can no longer answer by pressing the button on my Jabra Evolve.
If I want that functionality I need to replace the perfectly good and reasonable new headset.
Maybe that's good for MS and the vendors who support Teams, but it's not good for the users.

Shame on you Microsoft.

Occasional Visitor

What equipment do you recommend for classrooms?

Regular Visitor

Hi, are the Nureva Audio bars with their Mic Mist technology, going to be certified for MS Teams anytime soon?

Occasional Visitor

I am using the Logitech Zone Wired headset and when I am listening to a video from Youtube or any other video, the video shuts down every 30 seconds and I have to keep clicking the arrow to keep the video going.  Any pointers on how to make this work so I don't have to pull out my noise canceling BOSE headset that doesn't work with Teams. 



New Contributor

i have the jabra evolve 2 65 with teams button but the teams button does nothing it just clicks in ear? doesn't answer calls doesn't open app

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