Introducing Microsoft Viva, the Employee Experience Platform in Microsoft Teams
Published Feb 04 2021 06:00 AM 66K Views
By Seth Patton, General Manager, Microsoft 365 Next Gen Productivity & Employee Experience


Today we are announcing Microsoft Viva, the first Employee Experience Platform (EXP) built for the digital era. Viva brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights into an integrated employee experience that builds on Microsoft Teams to empower people to be their best, from anywhere.

For all the details on Microsoft Viva, read our official announcement blog at



Microsoft Viva Connections

Viva Connections offers a new way for leaders to shape culture and invite employees to participate in building an inclusive workplace that helps everyone succeed by giving people a curated, company-branded experience that brings together relevant news, conversations, and other resources.


Viva Connections is personalized and appears in the apps and devices employees already use every day, such as Microsoft Teams.

For all the details on Viva Connections, read our official announcement blog at

Microsoft Viva Insights
To help people achieve balance, build better work habits, and find focus wherever and whenever they need it, we’re excited to introduce Viva Insights – available in Microsoft Teams starting today in public preview. Viva Insights gives individuals, managers, and leaders personalized and actionable insights that help everyone in an organization thrive. In addition to new productivity and wellbeing experiences and insights in Microsoft Teams, Viva Insights will, over time, bring the power of Microsoft Workplace Analytics and Microsoft MyAnalytics together under the Microsoft Viva brand.

Viva Insights is designed to protect privacy. Personal insights are visible only to the individual, and for manager and leader insights, customers can rely on safeguards like de-identification, aggregation, and differential privacy by default.

For all the details on Viva Insights, read our official announcement blog at

Microsoft Viva Learning
Viva Learning empowers everyone to gain targeted skills in the flow of their work by creating a central hub for learning in Microsoft Teams where people can discover, share, assign, and learn from content libraries available across the organization. Viva Learning makes learning a natural part of your day - seamlessly connecting into the day to day for our 115 million daily active users in Teams. You can chat about learnings and training, share content via chat, and pin curated resources collections to Teams channels and dedicated tabs – and much more.

For all the details on Viva Learning, read our official announcement blog at

Microsoft Viva Topics
Viva Topics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to empower people with knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft 365 apps they use every day and to connect, manage, and protect content across systems and teams.

Viva Topics is built on the content and platform services of Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Graph, and will deliver knowledge directly through the Teams user experience later this year. We’re pleased to announce that today, Viva Topics has reached general availability for our commercial customers.

For all the details on Viva Topics, read our official announcement blog at


@Seth Patton Yeah, but how do I get it?

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Day to Day Microsoft is releasing new tools and features. It's more than overwhelming for SharePoint Admin to keep up to date. How does this help Teams users?


@mattsoler, As stated in the blogs, Microsoft Viva modules will be rolling out over the next 3-6 months. 


Today, Viva Topics is the first module that is available for purchase as an add-on to all Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans. You can see pricing here: Microsoft Viva Topics | Microsoft Viva


Viva Insights is going into public preview this week, so tenants who have it enabled will be able to download the Insights app in Teams.

Viva Learning is private preview only, so let us know if you'd like to sign up to get more info on that. 

Viva Connections will be rolling out in the near future: stay tuned for more news on this one at Ignite next month!

  • Pricing and availability for these three additional modules will be announced at the time each module is released.
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@Seth Patton I would like to sign up for Viva Learning either through my private account : or business one : . Could you kindly invite me ? :)


Hi @kurzynmat please go to, click "sign up for updates" and fill out the form to receive the latest on Viva Learning. Viva Learning is in private preview now, but people who sign up via the form will be notified as soon as public preview is available.  

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Interesting and would POC but the pricing $5/user/month prohibitive; for our 100 employees that’s $6k a year when we already have separate tools for much of this, tough sell to management.


@Seth Patton thanks for the quick response, I see that the landing pages are evolving as we speak.  We are very much interested in any private previews, if you could point me in the right direction, I would like to sign up.


Hi @mattsoler you can sign up here for the latest Viva news and info (including how to join previews as they become available across the modules): Microsoft Viva Registration - Microsoft Tech Community Resource Center


Hi @apatel3 - With Viva we're making it easier for people to access what they need (i.e. communications, knowledge, learning, resources, insights), when they need it, without having to disrupt their day-to-day work in Teams. 

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Do you need to pay for a SharePoint Syntex license as well as a Microsoft Topics one?

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@Seth Patton woild like to try learning please


Hi @JudyM2020 please go to, click "sign up for updates" and fill out the form to receive the latest on Viva Learning. Viva Learning is in private preview now for a small group of customers and partners, but people who sign up via the form will be notified as soon as public preview is available.  


@Tim_Banting Yes, Syntex and Topics are separate licenses.

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I've come to really like this feature and trying to convince folks in my company to use it (over Zoom.)

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Can we connect Microsoft Viva to Power BI Desktop?

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Can nonprofits access this Viva thing for free or reduced pricing ?

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Is there/will there be any Education pricing available for the Viva suite?

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