Introducing Microsoft Teams Rooms (Updated)

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[Update Note May 2019]
Adding an nearby Microsoft Teams Room is now available for your desktop and mobile clients May update (see more details bellow).

Two years ago we introduced the next generation of Skype Room Systems, a center of room control with one-touch join, to add the best audio and video to your meetings.  We started with one hardware partner and now work with six leading device manufacturers, to deliver the best quality experiences for both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams meetings. To date, customers have conducted more than 130 million minutes of meetings through Skype Room Systems. In light of this momentum, and to mark our commitment to making Teams a complete meetings and calling solution, we are rebranding Skype Room Systems as Microsoft Teams Rooms.


This rebranding signifies the continued delivery of features being built to enhance Teams meetings experiences. Our goal is to extend Teams meetings into every space from small huddle rooms to large conference rooms.

We’ve recently announced and delivered several capabilities that enhance the Teams Meetings experience in meeting rooms:

  • Proximity detection (Update May Available NOW), makes it easy to discover and add nearby, available Microsoft Teams Rooms to any meeting.
  • Companion experiences with mobile, to join your devices in content-only mode.
  • Support for dual screen rooms.

And it’s important to note that Microsoft Teams Rooms still work with Skype for Business calls and meetings.



Meetings Simplified

Meetings are easy to schedule, simply use Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams to invite your conference rooms to a meeting just as easily as inviting your colleagues.


Schedule Teams in OutlookSchedule Teams in Outlook


One touch-join

Instantly start your meeting from the center of the room control with one touch.


Microsoft Teams Rooms ConsoleMicrosoft Teams Rooms Console

Add nearby meeting room

Proximity based meeting join, for an available Microsoft Teams Room, the Microsoft Teams client on your PC and mobile has a proximity sensor that detects the room and you can add the room easily to the meeting from your pre-join screen on your client.

On your PC the pre-join screen of your meeting will highlight that an Teams Room is nearby. 

Add nearby room from your desktopAdd nearby room from your desktop
On your Teams mobile client you can add the room to your meeting and find nearby rooms quickly.

Add Conference Room from your MobileAdd Conference Room from your Mobile

Inside the meeting room, the front of the room display and console will show that you are trying to add the room, and simply accept the incoming invitation on the console to bring the room into the meeting.


Proximity join from Microsoft Teams RoomsProximity join from Microsoft Teams Rooms


Microsoft Teams will automatically join the meeting in content-only mode from your desktop, allowing the room to provide audio and video into the meeting without echo and feedback generated by the other clients in the room.  Also your mobile client will switch to content-only mode after adding the room.

If the Microsoft Teams Room is already in the meeting and you like join from your devices as well, Teams now detects this and recommends to join the meeting with audio off as well.

Pre-join screen when the room is already in the meetingPre-join screen when the room is already in the meeting

Learn more about how Microsoft has deployed Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms internally to more than 2,400 meeting rooms around the globe and how Microsoft is using the integrated meeting solution to reshape the collaborative environment into a simple, consistent, and reliable experience for thousands of employees.

Additionally in our phones business, we recently added our first native Teams Phones from Yealink, the T56A, T58A, and CP 960.  These desk and conference room phones all have a touch screen and existing customers can now instantly upgrade to Teams as they migrate their platform.    

Look for more exciting announcements from our partners at Integrated Systems Europe in February, and please visit to learn more about our portfolio of Teams certified devices.


Let us know what you think!

Try the new features on your Microsoft Teams Rooms and provide feedback via User Voice or vote for existing ideas to help us prioritize the requests. We read every piece of feedback that we receive to make sure that the Microsoft Teams Rooms experience meets your needs.


- Christian Schacht, senior product marketing manager Microsoft Teams Rooms


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We have on 2 MTR devices the following problem: we are using HP Slice MTR.


Sign in ErrorSign in Error

There is not a problem with the account, when i use the account on another MTR it works! also when i use another account on this "failed" MTR it not works. Must be something wrong on the MTR and not the account.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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@Ilya Bukshteyn one technical question: 

Which one is having control for the focusing on camera?  If camera on Room System is unable to focusing correctly, shall we blame Room System device, or camera? In my  mind it is pure camera issue, but is there any role on Room System at all?


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@Martin Holderegger : We are having this issue all the time when setting up MTRs. The following trick often solves it (even though we don't understand the underlying root cause): we have configured WiFi and LAN on the MTR. When the sign-in issue occurs, we simply pull the LAN wire, the device falls back to WiFi and the sign-in issue disappears immediately. Plug LAN back in and you are good to go. 

There can be many reasons why the sign-in fails, but in cases where we can rule out network and account issues for sure, this approach helped big time.     

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@Graham Walsh and @Ilya Bukshteyn thanks for your answers.

Installation told me that we had a feedback from OEM and the 'solution' would be to disable the Auto Screen Share setting.  Is it necessary when I read your answers ? We have a lot of systems installed. It would take us some time to disable this setting on all platforms. If the fix is to come soon, we could notify customers how to workaround as explained by Graham Walsh!




@Petri X if an MTR camera is not focusing that should be purely a HW issue with the camera, our MTR app doesn't do anything to focus the camera at all (ie. there is no "focus" command for the camera which we issue". 

@cecile_gallien the fix should be coming soon so I would suggest the workaround for now rather than changing settings on all of your rooms. 

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Thank you @Ilya Bukshteyn


One additional... I believe it is not secret, that many of your customers are still having proxies on their edges. No matter what the recommendations are :)


How do you see, if you are receiving a request to add account to the Room System for supporting proxy authentication, is there any possibilities to get such a request done?  It would be super helpful if you could make possible for us to configure a proxy configuration on the room system, so that we could also specify which account to be used when the proxy requires an authentication. Surface Hub devices are lacking this also, there is only device account. The real need is to have AD user account for proxy authentication.


Currently when proxy sent back an authentication request, the Room System is sending hostname\skype account, and such an account nobody could authenticate.

@Martin Holderegger That looks like a SfB sign in issue.  Are you in hyrbid?  Do you have the SfB Domain certs installed?

@cecile_gallien rolling out now


Also, why would you want to update each system manually, use TAC :) 

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@Graham Walsh, thanks for the info about 4.6.23. That's great if it comes soon. 

I do agree that TAC would help me on my tenant; But I do not have admin rights on my customers' tenant so it is a little bit more tricky to get the setting modified. 

I told installation team that the new release would solve the problem and they hope it comes soon to avoid to change the settings because after update, they would have to change it back !

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I come back on my ‎09-10-2020 post about French interface.

@Sohail Tariq 4.6.20 makes nearly the job. The Teams-in-call interface is now back in french BUT the time on the left hand side remains in AM/PM. I have a ticket with Crestron and support checked the configuration on the Windows side for date and time and applied the procedure as described in Microsoft docs but Time remains in AM/PM instead of 24.

Is there any other instruction to switch the time ?

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@Graham Walsh 

Hi Graham,

Thank you very much for your reply! No everything is in O365 online and all users in teams only mode! I already saw other POST regarding the SfB sign in issue but I have no idea what should be the different between the MTR not working :( strange is the account works on other MTR system. I tried everything with teams only, island mode etc.

Strange is also when I login with the administrator account and start the teams room system software it works, when I use the autologon with skype user it's not working :( any other suggestion?


@cecile_gallien Don't forgot customers can now assign a Teams Devices role, so you could have a log in to their tenant just for device admin.

@cecile_gallien Regarding the 24hr clock, can you check what the short time is set to like here?

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@Graham Walsh I have forced an MTR update in the past using the instructions on your website, can i simply download SRS Deployment kit from the same link and install/repair over the top, then repeat the process to get v4.6.23 on? Or should there be a new SRS link for the new version?

We have MTR's experiencing the white screen issue when they join a meeting, but not only half of the screen, sometimes the whole thing goes white and user's cannot see the Hang Up button to leave the meeting so they end up hard resetting the MTR PC. I am worried if ours doesnt autoupdate overnight then we have rooms down tomorrow, so keen to force it if I can to be sure its fixed.

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@Graham Walsh thanks for the process but would the time be in 09:40 or 9:40 in Windows OS the time is 24. 

On the 1st page of the MTR, time is 24. But not on Teams call page :



And what is even funnier is that if you click on Enter URI on the bottom on the Teams call page, you switch back on 24 time!




Tricky, isn't it ?

@Unearth The Deployment kit just extracts the files, it doesn't actually install the app, you still need to use PowerShell to do that.  There should be an updated deployment kit to download soon I guess.  I know it's starting to roll out and it will be a fast roll out.

@cecile_gallien The SfB UI is in 24hr and the Teams UI is in 12hr. You could try setting via the registry too.Windows Time Format RegistryWindows Time Format Registry

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@Graham Walsh , for TAC, I asked the customer for an account. But we still need to go through the 70 MTRs manually unless I missed a bulk provisionning on these devices.


After a setting changed from TAC, a reboot is needed for the change to be applied. Is there any chance that this reboot would not be necessary in a future release because for me it is a random action. I explain : you ckick restart. The action is queue and then it would happen some time... I do not have a full control for me on this action so I am not so at ease.

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@Graham Walsh  for time, I tried the regedit. The time was HH:mm and I changed it to h:mm. But nothing changed. 

I thought that h was for AM/PM and H was for 24.


Why would the other pages display correctly time as 24 ?

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I keep reading about update issues and all of these other problems admins are having.  I was hoping to begin moving to MTR, but not so sure now as it seems they're just not quite ready for an enterprise environment.  I hope MTR gets to a point where it's as easy to manage as Surface Hub.

@cecile_gallien Re the TAC, devices should auto enrol from or higher, so no need to add them manually.  As for the reboots, these are best scheduled or it will take the settings at the 2am reboot anyway.

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Hi @Ilya Bukshteyn @Sohail Tariq any idea when we can expect the SRS deployment kit to be updated with

I am needing it to manually update the the MTR for a customer, who has just had a brand new boardroom install that becomes unusable after every meeting as the MTR display goes white (which i expect is related to the OSK issue). This means they cant end the meeting - meaning the computer has to be physically shut down and booted back up each time which is very difficult as the room is booked solid throughout the day.




@Unearth , is going to 100% store today with SRS deployment kit update releasing later this week. The issue you are describing doesn't seem to be the same as OSK/ electron issue we fixed in If you can pm me logs from the affected device I can have someone take a look and help you figure out why you are seeing white-screen and if this is app or display driver related? If your MTR uses Display link, please also send the display link version you have on the device.  

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Hi Team,


Now that Teams Admin Center refers devices we have data for status, calls and quality. My customers would like to use these data in PowerBi. Is it possible?

Can we connect the database that contains the Devices data to powerBi to then manage dashboards and reports ? If yes, is there a process that would describe how to ?

Thanks, Cecile

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What is the best solution to use Teams Chat with a system in a room where individual users do not logon? Currently we use IBM’s Sametime and we are looking for a solution as we migrate to MS Teams.

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@Mocahbee could you elaborate the use case a bit more?  If you have room multiple persons, and they would like to send chat messages to the meeting, but not having laptops with them? If that is the case, they could have mobile app on their phones and chat via that way. And you are aware that chat is working on device as well?

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@Petri X We have PCs setup in rooms so staff outside of the rooms can communicate with whoever is at the room PC. The person at the PC can change several times a day and at a moments notice. The Room PC is also used for other functions that prevent users from logging on. Also the staff outside the courtroom typically do not know which person is at the room PC because that is not important, they need the ability to get information to and from, using Chat, each room. Thank you

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@Graham Walsh , thanks for the powerbi template for teams but it seems to me more like reports during adoption or transition for Teams itself. I did not find data for devices info we can get into TAC. And these I would to set in form as nmber of defaults in the last 30 days. Number of conferences with devices in the last 30 days ... and so on... I wil dig in but I don't think it points to the data I search for. 

@Mocahbee The current Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) systems are dual headed, meaning they have Skype for Business on them as well.  In the SFB app, you had chat on the center of room console.  This was taken out of the Teams app.  Maybe it will make a comeback, but I don’t know for sure.  


As you have a PC in the room too, you could sign that in with the same account, so lets say The MTR could use that same user account, and the in room PC can use that account too with the full Teams client or the web browser version with Teams.  Then you can send/receive chat from the system.  The only thing to note is the chat history is then seen for the whole time unless someone deletes the chat history.


@Graham Walsh @Mocahbee note that in the approach Graham describes above the account would need a full user license (ie. E3 or E5) as the Room (Standard or Premium) license is only meant to be used with room systems, not on the full / desktop Teams client.

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Installation tells me they need to adjust Audio levels when MTR is implemented with certified Audio controller (biamp, shure...). 

In the desktop client there is an option to Make a test call when we go to settings > devices.

Can we do the same from the MTR by 'calling' the Bot and get a recording and a playback. 




@cecile_gallien , We plan to bring the same Test call to MTR as well, it’s a backlog item for CY21. 

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Hi Team

You have the following guidelines:

Remote Management using PowerShell 

And on there you have the section "To Get Attached Devices" where is a PS command to retrieve the audio devices attached to the device.


Here is the output I'm getting our from my device using the PS command:


Name                              Status Present
----                              ------ -------
Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy OK        True
Lenovo Hub 500 Audio              OK        True
Lenovo Audio Capture              OK        True
Shure P300-IMX                    OK        True
Intel(R) Display Audio            OK        True


I already noticed that into SkypeSettings.xml I need to add not only the name but:

<MicrophoneForCommunication>Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Shure P300-IMX)</MicrophoneForCommunication>


But quite often that is still not working and my colleagues has to go locally and select the devices. I did a bit more troubleshooting, and in my case the setting goes back to Lenovo's internal devices. On the logs I can see:

LVL_INFO :: * * * * CommunicationCaptureDevice updated to Internal Microphone (Lenovo Hub 500 Audio)
LVL_INFO :: * * * * CommunicationRenderDevice updated to Internal Speaker (Lenovo Hub 500 Audio)

When looking for the logs a bit earlier I found the following lines:


LVL_INFO :: * * * * Notify property change for <Microsoft.SkypeTeam.Model.RigelVolume>:<DeviceName>
LVL_INFO :: * * * * Notify property change for <Microsoft.SkypeTeam.Model.RigelVolume>:<DeviceId>

On working device the lines looks like following:


LVL_INFO :: * * * * Notify property change for <Microsoft.SkypeTeam.Model.RigelVolume>:<IsAvailable>
LVL_INFO :: * * * * Notify property change for <Microsoft.SkypeTeam.Model.RigelVolume>:<IsAvailable>

There are no clear error on logs which says: "your device setting is incorrect" which is quite sad. But still the main question is:

What is the correct way to find the correct device strings remotely?

I have already asked clarification to the docs page, but that was roadblock.

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@Sohail Tariq 

You seems to know the MSI file. Could you clarify the changes from versions (RecoveryTool.ps1):


Function IsNonUserSelectableOption
    if ($Selection -eq [RepairAction]::SilentUpdate) { return $true }
    return $false

and in a newer packages 4.6.xx (RecoveryTool.ps1):

Function IsNonUserSelectableOption
    if ($Selection -eq [RepairAction]::SilentUpdate) { return $true }
    if ($Selection -eq [RepairAction]::Repair) { return $true }
    return $false

The line the team has added is now causing a problem that option #1 is not anymore available:

Transcript started, output file is C:\Users\Skype\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.SkypeRoomSystem_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\Tracing\RecoveryTool\RecoveryTool-2020.10.29-17.45.53.log
[2] Reset
Please choose an option:

Or this is how it looks to me. If I remove that line, I get option [1] back to list. And this is how it looks without that line:

Transcript started, output file is C:\Users\Skype\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.SkypeRoomSystem_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\Tracing\RecoveryTool\RecoveryTool-2020.10.29-18.43.22.log
[1] Repair
[2] Reset





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Anyone here seeing any issue with calendar on MTR? We are running MTR app in Skype for Business only mode and are seeing intermitted issues since the new update. 


  • Scheduled calendar events not showing up
  • Scheduled calendar events show up but no Join option 
  • Scheduled calendar events show up on the calendar and then disappear
  • Meetings start normally then go on pause and then drop

Issues are intermittent and not replicable but has affected many of our meetings. 


Anyone else seeing this? I have just opened a ticket with Microsoft but wanted to see if any else can provide some insight.

Super Contributor

I'm troubleshooting the issue where device is unable to sing-in to Teams. Skype is the primary client (on-prem) and working fine, but Teams is enabled as well.


On the log I can see the following lines:

-- info -- Login failed - status: caa90014 diag:1 
-- warning -- ADAL: SSO: ssoerr - Could not login user - status: caa90014 
-- error -- ADAL: SSO: ssoerr - SSO Uber catch 
-- info -- Set upn window user upn 
-- info -- Modern authentication failed here, but you'll still be able to sign in. Your status code is caa90014. diag:0 
-- info -- adalsso:statusChanged to: Modern authentication failed here, but you'll still be able to sign in. Your status code is caa90014. 
-- info -- Sso failed, updating cookie settings. Status:caa90014 diag:1 
-- info -- Setting logged out state to true 
-- error -- SSO: ssoerr - Fallback to webauth. Err:true 
-- event -- name: past-sso-success, eventInfo: undefined, vdiMode: 0, eventpdclevel: 2, 

Modern authentication is disabled on the .xml file, so the line about modern authentication is strange.


When looking for the sign-ins from Azure AD portal it is a bit surprise to not found any sign-in (non-interactive) tries.


Anyone has seen the same error code? I tested also the reset from the Deployment Kit, but without help. The problem must be with the account as I tested with working account and that was working fine. 




@Petri X , you should look in Azure AD portal under interactive sign in. Select the resource account user and then select sign ins. Under "User sign-ins (interactive)" you should be able to see requests for sign in for this user for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Exchange Applications, all these are coming from Microsoft Teams Room Windows application. If you select a record there, you can look under "Authentication Details" more about the error. If you need help, please send us logs and open a support ticket with Microsoft. 

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I have a Logitech Tap MTR device and today we had a meeting where someone wanted to play a video with sound onto the meeting from an ipad.  They joined the meeting but could not play a video while sharing the screen (I think that might be security specific because the ipad said, "can't play video while recording the screen").  So, we tried to connect it to the MTR's HDMI In port (using a HDMI adapter) and while the sound could be heard in the room, through the Default Speaker (which we have set to the TV), it did not play to the others that were joined remotely to the meeting, only the video.  I also verified this is the same when I use a PC connected to the HDMI port.  Is there something in the setup that prevented this or is this a limitation of the Logitech Tap or is this something that can be added in a future release?    Thanks

@TypicalUser HDMI Audio during a meeting is not possible yet.  It's on the roadmap to be released in a future release. To do audio today, you need the Desktop client and select Include System Audio.


@TypicalUser , HDMI audio during a Microsoft Teams meeting is in early preview (TAP) and expect to land later this year. Please stay tuned. 

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@Petri X , @Sohail Tariq , I had an issue login in today as well, turns out my password for the room had expired.  Maybe in the future releases we can get the change your password box like you get when you log in to the Teams web version.

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@TypicalUser When sharing via HDMI ingest, I know they were working to include the sharing of sound into the meeting, not 100% sure if this is implemented yet as there is an outstanding uservoice:

New Contributor

"when sharing via the Teams client, did you tick "Include Computer Sound"?


@Unearth this was on an iPad, which I personally have very little experience with...Apple... 🤮.  HAHA, but yes we have experienced that issue quite a bit when we 1st started using Teams.

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@TypicalUser Sorry I replied without properly reading your comment on the iPad. I havent tried this but if you insert the video into a powerpoint, and save that powerpoint to Teams or OneDrive and then choose the option to share a PowerPoint file instead of the screen, will that work?

Super Contributor

@TypicalUser thank you for your reply. Did you got the same error (caa90014) on the log? But actually Skype for Business was working fine for me, but also when I tried to sign-in using that account on my workstation, and that was working. So I believe the password was not the issue on me. 

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I had a feedback from a customer that during a Teams call on MTR suddenly a Firewall Popup appeared on the Touch console. Any idea if this is going to happen again ? Why would this be ?





Sorry the picture is not good enough to read the path of the app requesting the access but it is written Mcrosoft Teams and I can guess So an old version of MTR App. If this is solved by an upgrade so be it... If not thanks for feedbacks !

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Anyone seeing Win 10 ver 2004 pop up on their MTR devices? We have several Out of the Box experience, unmanaged NUC's that are receiving or are set to receive win ver 2004. Why is this happening? MTR does not support 2004.



@teamstothemoon What version was the MTR app on when OOBE was initially done? If it was an older app, but may not have a block in place.

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@Sohail Tariqand @Ilya Bukshteyn - Some of the MTR's started showing "cannot fetch calendar" message from today Morning. It is random though. It goes after a reboot for some time and then comes back again. We are unable to manage calendar for those rooms and unable to join meetings. Is there any known issue from today. They are in the latest MTR app and with Windows 10 1909 OCT build.

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