Community Update #1

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This is the first of a kinda-weekly edition called Community Update. Its a Friday blog series of recommended reading from our community. I read (nearly) everything our community blogs about Microsoft Teams, and the best articles will be showcased weekly here in this suggested reading list. I'll also provide updates to user-requested items to Teams.


First up is a blog post from my colleague Mansoor Malik, who leads our extensibility work for tabs like Planner. Click here to read his really good news about Planner integration in Teams. (Hint: new features!) Please share and tweet to him your thoughts.


Introducing Planner deep linking to Teams.Introducing Planner deep linking to Teams.

My second favorite read was this case study about how Hendrick Motorsports uses Microsoft Teams in the race pit as a direct line of communication between engineers and fuelers to make real-time split decisions and talk during a race. From Trek Bikes to Hendrick Motorsports -- Microsoft Teams seems to attract the truly adventurous!


Fuelers and engineers using Teams in the race pit.Fuelers and engineers using Teams in the race pit.That's all for this weekend reading edition. Happy reading -- and happy spring!





@Suphatra Rufo Thanks for this. Great updates! Just one little thing (or maybe I'm missing something). When we pick the link to the planner task and paste it in a conversation - when someone clicks on it, it only takes to the planner tab/board and doesn't open the task. Is that the correct behavior? Thanks!


PS: BTW I couldn't find/tag Mansoor Malik in here

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Still need to be able to create a task for planner with an email

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Yes, I agree. This seems like such a simple thing to implement especially given that Trello does this easily enough and MS Teams allow you to email in a message to a channel with an attachment and so forth so surely emailing a task to a planner board can't be that difficult to do?

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Great update. 

I'm looking for a way to push Planner updates into a channel in Teams. Is this still missing or just hard to find? 




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