Build and manage tailored apps for the enterprise using the Teams developer platform

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Today at Build 2018, Microsoft Teams is announcing a range of new capabilities and integrations to build and manage tailored apps for your enterprise using the Teams developer platform. Extending the power of Office 365 and Microsoft Graph APIs, IT professionals can create, curate, and distribute an enterprise catalog of apps for Teams while automating team and channel management to fit your organization.  Tailoring your teamwork is now even easier through new integrations and shared developer capabilities experiences with other Office 365 applications, including SharePoint and Outlook.


Build will continue the momentum developed in late March 2018 during Enterprise Connect, where Microsoft Teams celebrated its one-year anniversary and shared that over 200K organizations are using the platform. We also announced new capabilities coming to Teams later this year such as Cloud recording, Inline message translation, Background blur on video in meetings, Proximity detection for Teams meetings, Mobile sharing in meetings, and Cortana voice interactions for Teams-enabled devices, all supporting our vision for Intelligent Communications (check out the most recent updates for May)


At Build we are excited to announce the preview of the Teams app for the Microsoft Store. This release marks an important step in our ongoing efforts to support Progressive Web App (PWA) capabilities in Windows, using Edge based rendering and combining web technologies with native OS capabilities to deliver an innovative new experience. As a Store app, it is installed and managed through the Microsoft Store, supports the Narrator screen reader, and integrates with the Windows 10 Action Center. For Public Preview, the Teams Store app is only available for Windows 10 S / S-mode devices. 


We continue to add new capabilities on a regular basis to make Teams an even more powerful hub for teamwork.  For customers pushing the boundary of teamwork and mixed reality , learn more about the Microsoft Remote Assist announcement from earlier today at Build.

This week at the conference, we’ll be focusing on opportunities in four areas to “do more” with tailored Teams apps:


Get Started – Today you can use tabs to bring content into conversations, check out the following features that provide you more control over your content


  • Apps in Chat—coming soon to developer Preview, you can now update your app so that it can be used in private 1:1 and group chats. Your users can add a tab or chat with a bot in their private chats to light up new collaboration and sharing scenarios.


  • SharePoint pages in Teams—SharePoint is now even more deeply integrated into Teams—with the latest integration you can pin a SharePoint page in your channels to enable deeper collaboration around sites and other SharePoint content, and get the full power of the SharePoint app platform within Teams.



Teams App Studio.png


  • Teams App Studio – debuted in January in preview, Teams App Studio streamlines and automates the development process for creating Microsoft Teams apps by helping you to define your app’s manifest through simple forms, In the next few months Teams App Studio will be able to save your app manifest in the cloud and provide in-app registration with Microsoft Bot Framework.

Enhance Conversations – Today you can use Azure bot services for natural language interaction and provide structured commands through messaging extensions, check out these new features to enhance conversations


  • Adaptive card support—coming soon to developer Preview, you can now send rich Adaptive cards from your bot, connector, or messaging extension. Adaptive cards allow you to send more flexible content in conversations and are supported on other Microsoft platforms such as Outlook, Windows, and Cortana.


Files support for bots.png


  • Files support for bots—coming soon to developer Preview, your bot can now send and receive files in 1:1 chats with users. Enable content and document scenarios such as expense reports, file management, and image processing.


Distribute and manage your teams and apps – Make your apps available to users with the right controls. Check out the following new features to customize your teams within the enterprise



  • Tailored Teams created through the New Teams APIs in Microsoft Graph—use enhanced Microsoft Graph APIs to programmatically manage Teams resources and content including teams, channels, and conversations.  We will be releasing the following APIs from preview to General Availability this summer: creating and deleting teams and channels; adding and remove team members and owners; and updating team and channel properties.


Graph can automate.png



  • Enterprise app sharing through Teams enterprise catalog for apps - control access to custom Teams apps and distribute apps to users within the organizations by publishing to your company’s catalog in the Teams app store. Manage the catalog via PowerShell cmdlets, Graph APIs, and even through the Teams client itself.


Teams enterprise catalog.png


Try the new features and provide feedback using the feedback link in the lower left corner of Microsoft Teams. If you have suggestions on how to make Teams better, please submit your idea via User Voice or vote for existing ideas to help us prioritize the requests. We read every piece of feedback that we receive to make sure that Microsoft Teams meets your needs.


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Having the Store preview on Windowx10S S-mode is a very limited public preview!

I am unable to add the SharePoint tab in Teams.  We are on Targeted Release for select users.  I am one of those select users.  Any way to get the feature sooner rather than later?


Use the "Web Site" tab and then paste in the URL for a SharePoint page. It does a great job of removal all the top and left nav and just presents the page content (very similar to Planner).


@Eric Davis: I’m not seeing the SharePoint option either. What Kevin is referring to is not the feature they announced.

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Will the SharePoint link sharing support HTTP and HTTPS links? 


Thanks for the workaround @Kevin Crossman.  Unfortunately, I am specifically looking for the SharePoint tab mentioned in this post.  It seems it has been announced, but is not yet available.  I checked 2 of my other tenants and did not see the feature in those targeted release tenants either. 


Awesome updates. Thanks Mayank!

Senior Member

@Eric Davis @Kevin Crossman based my recent experience with hubsites preview.. what I learned is any feature requiring server side service updates will not be reflected to TR Users when we do TR for selective users at tenant level.. I had to use my test domain to enable TR across organization and see the changes immediately effective.. I am not sure if this feature you are testing is one of such things requiring Server side service updates.. most of the times the blog announcements will not be very clear or descriptive in this regard

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For some reason, I don't have access to the Teams app in Windows 10 S. When I download and install, it tells me 'Looks like you don't have access to this version of Teams yet, Check back soon." Error code NAV005.
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Same issue as Arif, "Looks like you don't have access to this version of Teams yet". It installed ok, although I'm not running Windows 10 S, just Windows 10 Enterprise. Is that the issue?


Steve/Arif - The Microsoft Teams preview app in the Microsoft Store is for Win 10 S only (Check out the Windows Insider program). 


@Craig Jones Can you explain what you mean by "link sharing"? In the announcement above regarding the new SharePoint tab (which will be enabled in the coming days), you'll be able to select and pin an existing SP page as a tab in your channel. You may be thinking of the "workaround" which is to pin a a website tab with the SP URL. While that may work, it won't provide as nice of an experience (e.g. with AAD Single Sign On) as the SharePoint tab.

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@Mayank, I do have Windows 10 S in S mode installed on an ASUS Vivook 14, which is where I am trying to get the Teams Preivw app working on. So, are you saying I need to be running a Windows Insider build or Redstone 5 build to use the Teams app then? Currenly on the April 2018 Update,
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Thanks Mayank. It's weird the Store page doesn't list "S" as a requirement, and that the installer doesn't check if you're in "S" mode or not. :\

I'm afraid I'm not up on "S" apps, I assumed they could also run on non "S" versions of the OS. Doh.

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I was able to add the team SharePoint site as a tab within one of our teams using the directions above.  Worked great.  On Windows 10 Pro.  I don't believe that I enabled anything special within the admin.

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When will an ARM/x64 version be available for preview?


Would love to have this available on my HP Envy X2 instead of using the web app.


-Jeremy Houp

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I added an app from the store - and want to remove it - how do I do that? There is no option to remove or disconnect

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I'm trying to figure out how this Teams enterprise catalog for apps is any different from the existing SharePoint app catalog that's been available for years in Office 365 SharePoint. It seems like the same thing to me, except now it will display in the Teams client instead. What I'd really like is to able to publish an app to just a single site collection. The tenant scope is too large for us (150,000 users). 

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Playing with the Surface Go today - I definitely had the Teams app (from Store) working on Win 10 Home in S mode, but now that I upgraded to Win 10 pro (resulting in Win 10 Pro in S mode), the launches and gives me the "looks like you don't have access" error (NAV0005).

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