Better Together: Microsoft Teams & PowerApps - End to End Productivity in the Cloud
Published Oct 09 2017 08:16 AM 12.3K Views

Whenever I speak to customers I am usually not discussing just one part of Office 365.  There is power in integrating the capabilities together, rather than using them individually.  This is the strong suit of the entire Office 365 suite and often we don't talk enough about it. With the advent of Microsoft Teams we have an opportunity to pull these capabilities together into one seamless experience that will make people more productive.  


Knowing this, imagine how excited I was when Audrie Gordon from the PowerApps team joined me on my show Coffee in the Cloud to show an integration of many of the major components of Office 365. Her team is using this solution to produce video content for her PowerApps community.  She uses Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, PowerApps and PowerBI.  Wow!  What I loved most was this is using out of the box components that most Office 365 users have access to.  No special code or admin rights are required to replicate this tool. 


Check out this video where Audrie demonstrates this cool solution.  Think of the business processes you have that could benefit from this end to end productivity centered in Microsoft Teams.  If you have questions just ask them here in the community. Both Audrie and I will be here to answer them.  Subscribe to Coffee in the Cloud to continue learning more about Azure & Office 365 business solutions.



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