Will the bug with Presence be fixed soon? This is a showstopper for my team.

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Our IT is now considering Spark of all things because of the Presence issue.  I fear that now, with the S4B integration coming on, we won't get this fix.  We don't use S4B so "integration" between applications doesn't help.

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Hi Justyn -- sorry to hear that - could you help us more with what the exact experience issue is?

Presence only stays current while you are actively using Teams, doesn't respect the rest of your activities like S4B. Everyone has reported this issue!
We have some enhancements in the works for Presence to pull activity/ calendar information - planned for Q1 in 2018.
I agree, presence is very lacking in Teams, If your active on your computer, aka moving your mouse, etc. It doesn't show you as Available, unless you are actively in Teams looking and clicking around. With SfB moving your mouse, puts you available, idle on computer for so long away, if your in RDP session shows you as Busy etc. Hoping all this is what's coming with the roadmap update and that Skype isn't going to be using Teams version of presence :P.
+1 for this request, Teams presence and the relation with other Office 365 workloads has a great room of improvement

Thanks Jason - good write up.  For my company, S4B is not an option so the "integration" roadmap doesn't mean anything.  We are only interested in Teams functionality and like you, I worry that the integration efforts put any actual feature enhancements far out in the future.

Actually, we're working on this right now to enhance Teams presence with richer states (that respect activity on the machine as well as calendar information). This is planned for Q1 2018.