Will Teams improve web app install on external machines?

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Hi MS,


We tried to replace GtM (GoToMeeting) with SfB but found the web app installer was getting blocked and failing to connect due to external clients blocking it - not something that happens with GtM.

Will teams address this and provide a strong alternative to GtM?



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We have also run into this, where customers and partners of ours are blocking web app installers. WebEx seems to work everywhere.

Hi Matt, 

Thanks for your feedback. We would like to get more information on this.


1. Teams only has a desktop client. When you mention web installer, are you talking about the .exe file you download from teams.microsoft.com/download? Or are you talking about loading teams.microsoft.com on the browser?

2. You had mentioned SfB in your description. Are you experiencing this issue with SfB or Teams or both? 


Please let us know so that we can solve this issue for you.