Why has there been no progress on the many requests for improvements to the client UI?

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It's great to see the progress you guys make, adding new features to Teams every month.  However, it seems like there's a distinct lack of progress on improving the UI.  There are many parts of the Teams UI that are... less than optimal.  These aren't new issues.  Take for example the request for a compact view.  That has been a consistent feedback item since teams was first released in preview.  It's one of the top requested items on uservoice, with over 7000 votes. And that's only on the main request, there are many other requests for the same thing, or minor variations, Yet more than 2 years later, the response continues to be some variant of "We're working on it." 

Pop-out windows for chats and such has also been a request since the preview days. Nearly 3000 votes and more than 2 years later, it's simply listed as "working on it". 

Another request dating back to the initial preview release was to make the left sidebar collapsible.  That request had over 800 votes on uservoice when 2 months ago it was marked as declined with no explanation. 

Consolidating the Chat tab with either the Teams tab has also been a long term request, with over 1400 votes.  It's not even being worked on yet, it's still "under review".

Another seemingly simple UI request, honoring the regional settings configured on the computer, remains on the backlog after over 2 years.
Some requests relate to features added to Teams more recently, so the requests haven't been around quite as long.  Even so, they still seem to be getting little attention.  One example of such a request is for the ability to re-arrange contacts and groups within the contact list in teams.  That seems like some pretty basic functionality which is missing, but after more than 7 months, the uservoice item hasn't even been acknowledged. 
A big one for me is the missing functionality of the Call button for contacts.  Users with a calling plan license should be able to click that button to place a call to someone's office, mobile, or other phone number.  Instead, clicking the call button automatically places a voice call to the contact via skype or teams.  Perhaps in your world, everyone uses Skype or Teams for their voice calling.  Out here in the real world, that's not the case.  The way the call button works now, automatically calling the contact via skype/teams, is almost worse than not having the button there at all.
All of these requests seem like things that would improve the usability of the application, making it easier to take advantage of existing functionality.  They all seem to be in fairly high demand, yet remain unaddressed.  It seems clear that you're prioritizing addition of new features over improving usability of existing features.  Why is that?  I have to imagine that making the existing client & features work the way users want and expect them to would do more for increasing uptake of Teams than features like Call Park, Location Based Routing, and Scoped Directory Search would.  New features are exciting and make good announcements, but users aren't going to care about those new features if just using the app is a painful experience. 
When can we expect to see progress on any of the issues listed above?  Or even just a status update with actual information? 
Thank you for reading.  I'm sorry that this seems to come off as a bit of a rant.  It's just frustrating that you seem to completely ignore user feedback & requests for basic usability improvements in order to focus on adding bling.  I do appreciate the app, and what you're trying to do with it.  We've been piloting teams in the IT dept since the initial preview, and it saddens me that because of such usability issues we have still not moved beyond our initial pilot more than 2 years later. 
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